happy halloween!

Good morning party people! I hope you all have an amazing Halloween today!

Here is one last DIY idea for you in case you’re scrambling for last minute party ideas.

Lollipop Witches Brooms From LaurenConrad.com


table top DIY idea from laurenconrad.com

  1. First, take a brown marker and colour the lollipop sticks solid brown. This will make them look like broomsticks.
  2. Cut even squares out of brown or gold tissue paper. We made squares that were about 4 inches by 4 inches.
  3. Poke the lollipop stick through the middle of the tissue square, then pull the tissue down around the candy part of the lollipop.
  4. Scrunch up the tissue then wrap twine around the base of the lollipop, securing the “broom” in place. Trim the edges of the tissue so that they are even and the broom will stand up on its own.
  5. Tie it all off with a name place card and place it on your table!

There you have it! I always love the great DIYs up on their site and they’re usually pretty easy to find materials for them so its the perfect last minute decor idea!

Now go celebrate!


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