new years eve diy


So today I found this adorable DIY on the Mom’s Best Network and thought I’d share for a great last minute hostess gift idea for tonight! I think hostess gifts are such a great way to thank the people that open their home for celebrations and this project seemed like a quick and inexpensive gift that would still be the perfect festive touch for new years!

A lot of stores stay open on New Years Eve so you can find these simple white mugs at stores like Dollarama, any Loblaws or Superstore, or even a Canadian Tire, where you can find inexpensive four packs that make a great set.

DIY Mug For a Stylish New Year’s Party!


  • Mugs
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Template
  • Graphite pencil

Step One: Download the template here from Mom’s Best Network here, or use one of ours here (right click and open in a new tab for best results when downloading the templates!).

Cut out the template you want and use your pencil to rub graphite all over the back of the template.


Step Two: Tape the template design side up on the mug. Use your pencil to trace the letters of the design. Press hard so that the graphite on the back will transfer to the mug. Gently remove the template. There should be a faint outline of graphite on the design letters.


Step Three: Use your Sharpie to trace the faint outline left behind the template. Let the Sharpie dry completely and then use an eraser to clean up any graphite smudges.


And voila, you have the perfect little hostess gift. I’ve done this DIY a couple times for various gift ideas, and so I would add a fourth step.

Step Four (The Party Girl Step): If you don’t do this step, chances are your mug might not be dishwasher safe. Since a lot of people use their dishwashers for breakfast clean up, you might want to go the extra mile. I would recommend once the marker dries you pop it in the oven for about 30 minutes at 425 degrees F. You should put the mug in the oven first and then turn the oven on and set the timer. If your oven takes a long time to heat up, you might want to wait until the oven hits temperature and then set your timer. Check on your mug to make sure it isn’t browning (or worse, I had an issue with a mug I was sure was ceramic…it wasn’t!) and after 30 minutes turn off the oven. Leave your mug in until everything cools off, that way your gift won’t crack!

Make a set of four and lay them in a bakery box with some pretty tissue paper and tie with a big satin bow in black or gold for the perfect New Years gift!

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