superbowl week: day 5

Happy Friday! So I’ve been obsessing about what else I wanted to do for this Super Bowl printable week and it’s been hard to figure out a) what I want to do and b) what designs to make. I’ve changed my mind like a million times! I finally decided to finish with the most important Super Bowl accessory ever: food labels. You obviously need a way to tell your guests what your spread consists of, and it’s inconvenient (not to mention weird) to stand at the food table and tell every single person what you’ve made. Food labels are a great way to dress up your table AND share information. Practical and pretty should be the Party Girl mantra. 🙂





And there you go! Enough printables to host your own Superbowl party! I have some extras lying around that I didn’t like as much so if I get inspired I might post some more so stay tuned for any last minute posts! 



superbowl week: day 4

I find it’s really helpful to keep all my party ideas in one place. Maybe I’m just a little crazy (ha) but for every party I plan I like to keep things organized all together. So as I get ready for Superbowl I thought a party planner would be the perfect idea! Since Saturday is going to be a major shopping and prep day, having the planner today means a couple days to gather my thoughts and then everything will be perfect for Saturday shopping. 

Anyways (that was starting to even creep me out with how neurotic it sounds) here is today’s download! You can use it finalize your guest list, jot down your menu, keep your shopping list on the same page as your plans, and make sure you’ve got all your decor written down so you don’t forget anything!


As always, let me know if you have an issue and I’ll be glad to fix it for you!


superbowl week: day 3

I tried a few different cupcake toppers for today’s download but these were my favourite. If I can make them look nicer I might clean up a couple drafts and post them too as bonuses, because I’m just that kind of girl 🙂

These ones actually look super cute when you cut them out (if I do say so myself!) and I made them for both teams, using their official jersey colours (down the to exact shade, ask me how fun College Navy was to find the code for, yikes!). I think if you have a hole punch it would be cute to cut out the little white circle, but I included it in the printable in case you didn’t feel like taking the time to do that.

Here you go! Let me know if there are any issues downloading!


superbowl week: day 2

Well hello again! I feel like today’s download is sort of embarrassing because it only highlights the fact I yet again found a way to incorporate cupcakes into a party (man, wait until tomorrow’s this is getting awkward). Still I decided cupcake wrappers were the perfect way to bring the theme into the desserts without having to rely solely on decorating them (although okay, I’m doing that too…).

I like my wrappers without bottoms because I find they look better (the glue or tape just seems to disintegrate when you put a heavy cupcake in them and the bottoms just fall apart, drives me crazy) BUT if you like bottoms you can make them super easily. Just trace the top of the wrapper once you’ve taped it together (the wider circle) and then trace the bottom of the wrapper inside the bigger circle. Cut out around the bigger circle, and then cut down towards the smaller circle to create little spokes, like a wheel. Sound confusing? Basically it’s this shape:


Then all you have to do is fold up the spokes and glue (or tape, if you don’t trust glue) to the inside of the wrapper.

Anyways, here we go! The Tuesday Superbowl printable is…(I guess it’s not a secret at this point but either way…)


Hope you like them! You can use regular paper if you want but card stock gives them more support. They fit normal size cupcakes, but you can trim/not trim them to fit different sizes, just roll them up and give one a try before you ice the cupcake (just because then it get’s messy…)

superbowl week day 1

So it has officially started and Superbowl is this Sunday! This is one of my favourite parties to host because it combines my favourite things: casual get togethers and decking out food tables. And this is the first year where I get to share it with all of you guys, so I thought it would be a fun idea to share some printables I’ve made for our party this year. This week my goal is to give you something you can print out and make at home every day so that come Saturday you can spend your day crafting and everything will look amazing Sunday!

First up, here’s a banner for your game day table!




And that’s it! Just print them out and tape a string of twine or ribbon to the back to hang! I’m trying to keep the colour palette throughout all the downloads this week so everything else for the table will match. Let me know what you think, and if you have any special requests for printable designs!

Happy Monday!

valentine’s day printables – cupcake toppers

cupcake banner

Happy Friday! I’m sure you all know this about me by now, but I love cupcakes. Cupcakes are my go to party trick, because they solve so many event issues. They’re a food, which is important. They’re pretty, which makes people think you took the time for them. And most importantly, you can do pretty much anything to them and it looks like a pro did it. When you’re having a few people over but you still want to make it special, cupcakes are the perfect choice. And so of course I made you all some Valentine’s Day cupcake toppers to print out and make because obviously I think it’s necessary.

Step One: 

Download the printables:


Step Two:

Gather your materials.


I was feeling extra helpful and labelled everything right on the counter. In case, you know, toothpicks weren’t too familiar.

I experimented with a couple different materials for the sticks. I dug through my toothpick stash and pulled all the red ones (as seen above). I also found some wooden coffee stirrers that I liked the look of so I tried some tall ones with those. I have skewers but I didn’t end up liking the way they looked, but you could of course try a couple different things and do whatever works best for you!

ImageStep Three

Cut out whatever designs you like! I decided to print two sheets and make the toppers double sided for extra support, with the stick in the middle. If you don’t like that idea, you could use a little piece of pretty washi tape to secure the stick and it would still look cute!

ImageI printed my cutouts on regular paper, but I don’t think that it would matter either way. If you have card stock available it might hold up better the glue, but regular paper double side was still firm enough to not fold or wilt after glueing. You should also consider your glue choice. I use a scrapbooking glue from Michaels that doesn’t bleed through paper (even thin paper!) and that makes a huge difference!


And then you just put whatever stick you chose between the two pieces and voila! I don’t think you really needed a DIY here but it was fun to make them all so why not 🙂


tech makeover

Okay so I admit, I have a terribly small attention span. So as excited and in love as I was with the January calendar downloads earlier this month, I had some downtime this evening and immediately decided my tech needed a makeover. I wanted to make one a little lighter and softer than the earlier months. I want to say this is the final calendar I’ll offer you guys this month, but since I barely lasted two weeks I don’t want to promise not to change my mind again.

Still, this way you can pick your favourites!

*note for downloads: I’ve tried uploading these a couple ways and for reasons I don’t understand the best way to download them for you guys seems to be to click on the photo and then when it opens in a new screen save that photo. I’m working on ironing out the kinks but if you just save the images directly from this post the quality isn’t very good. Not sure if you’ve got the right one? If your desktop wallpaper is a little blurry, you can do better. 🙂 

Desktop Wallpaper

A couple of you mentioned that the wallpaper size was too small for some of your PC laptops. I think because I designed it on my Macbook it’s probably set to that design. I tried to make everything a little less static so it could handle the stretch, but email me if there’s a problem and I can adjust it for you because I’m just that kind of girl –> 🙂


iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper


iPhone Home Screen Wallpaper


So that’s that! Hope you guys like the little bonus. I decided it bothered me that my home screen didn’t coordinate with the rest of my wallpapers. Clearly I am neurotic.