countdown party – new years eve printables

How are you celebrating your New Years? Over the years I’ve managed to spend New Years pretty much every way possible. I’ve celebrated in dark bars, family rooms, classy lounges, exotic beaches, and on my couch in my pyjamas. I don’t think I could pick a favourite way to spend the countdown; there’s something special about all of them!

Of course, since I love hosting parties, I know the stress that goes into party planning for New Years. Especially if you’re hosting a countdown party. If you’ve never been to one, countdown parties usually start around 11pm and go all night. You ring in the New Year exhausted, exhilarated, and revved to go. It’s simultaneously the most fun and most tiring party you’ll go to all year. Anyways, a friend asked me to make some party decorations for her countdown party this year, and since I can’t be there in person I thought I’d be there in spirit via some fun, easy party printables. So if you have a party starting in an hour and you’re at a loss for how to transform your party room, take a page out of Becca’s book and spend the next half hour cutting and pasting these quick, easy, and fun (if I do say so myself!) decorations.

New Year Banner 

I told Bec to set this up on her champagne table for the countdown toast, but you could put it anywhere!


R Banner

Cheers Drink Labels


Cheers Food Lables


Bubbly Bar Drink Table Sign


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