tech makeover

Okay so I admit, I have a terribly small attention span. So as excited and in love as I was with the January calendar downloads earlier this month, I had some downtime this evening and immediately decided my tech needed a makeover. I wanted to make one a little lighter and softer than the earlier months. I want to say this is the final calendar I’ll offer you guys this month, but since I barely lasted two weeks I don’t want to promise not to change my mind again.

Still, this way you can pick your favourites!

*note for downloads: I’ve tried uploading these a couple ways and for reasons I don’t understand the best way to download them for you guys seems to be to click on the photo and then when it opens in a new screen save that photo. I’m working on ironing out the kinks but if you just save the images directly from this post the quality isn’t very good. Not sure if you’ve got the right one? If your desktop wallpaper is a little blurry, you can do better. 🙂 

Desktop Wallpaper

A couple of you mentioned that the wallpaper size was too small for some of your PC laptops. I think because I designed it on my Macbook it’s probably set to that design. I tried to make everything a little less static so it could handle the stretch, but email me if there’s a problem and I can adjust it for you because I’m just that kind of girl –> 🙂


iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper


iPhone Home Screen Wallpaper


So that’s that! Hope you guys like the little bonus. I decided it bothered me that my home screen didn’t coordinate with the rest of my wallpapers. Clearly I am neurotic.

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