superbowl week: day 2

Well hello again! I feel like today’s download is sort of embarrassing because it only highlights the fact I yet again found a way to incorporate cupcakes into a party (man, wait until tomorrow’s this is getting awkward). Still I decided cupcake wrappers were the perfect way to bring the theme into the desserts without having to rely solely on decorating them (although okay, I’m doing that too…).

I like my wrappers without bottoms because I find they look better (the glue or tape just seems to disintegrate when you put a heavy cupcake in them and the bottoms just fall apart, drives me crazy) BUT if you like bottoms you can make them super easily. Just trace the top of the wrapper once you’ve taped it together (the wider circle) and then trace the bottom of the wrapper inside the bigger circle. Cut out around the bigger circle, and then cut down towards the smaller circle to create little spokes, like a wheel. Sound confusing? Basically it’s this shape:


Then all you have to do is fold up the spokes and glue (or tape, if you don’t trust glue) to the inside of the wrapper.

Anyways, here we go! The Tuesday Superbowl printable is…(I guess it’s not a secret at this point but either way…)


Hope you like them! You can use regular paper if you want but card stock gives them more support. They fit normal size cupcakes, but you can trim/not trim them to fit different sizes, just roll them up and give one a try before you ice the cupcake (just because then it get’s messy…)

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