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Sometimes brainstorming gift ideas can be really daunting, especially when you are as obsessed with finding the perfect gift as I am. Every aspect of gift giving has to be 100% the way I visualized it in order for me to be happy. You should see the amount of time I spend in the card section. I’ve spent an hour in Hallmark before. An ENTIRE HOUR.

Anyways, one of the trickiest parts of gift giving is the price tag. There are all these tips out there for how to basically assign your friends a dollar value to find the perfect gift, but I find those not only super tacky but also confusing (why does it matter if I know her birthday? I barely know my mom’s birthday. That doesn’t mean I should just get her a card! what do you mean her cat’s name? I don’t think she has a cat…?) and as such I try to just use my own judgement when I come up with present budgets.

But the universally acceptable budget friendly gift is the Do It Yourself hand made present. When you’re a kid it’s the perfect way to get your parents something special without spending a dime of your allowance (and let’s face it we all spent those dimes on milkshakes before we even thought about buying gifts) so how come it loses popularity in adulthood?

Sometimes it’s hard to be crafty, and I get that. But sometimes you’re more creative than you think, and that’s where this week’s printable comes in!

Everybody loves food. If anybody tells you differently they’re wrong and stop being friends with them. (Okay maybe that’s harsh but seriously, EVERYBODY loves food!). And even if you aren’t a wizard in the kitchen, you can follow a recipe. A great gift idea is to give a friend a box of your favourite cookies, or a packaged jar with the ingredients to make their own sweet treat, like homemade hot chocolate or Blondies.

Whatever you decide, attach one of these little cards and share something you love with someone you love for the perfect gift idea!

Recipe Card Download:

Just right click and “open in a new tab” your favourite Recipe Card! Save the photo and print on card stock (I used 4 x 6 but the files should be flexible enough to work with other similar dimensions!) for best results!


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