a very lucky brunch


Happy St. Patrick’s Day Party Girls! We’ve been crazy busy today (sadly without any green beer!) but we wanted to share some fun little details from our St. Patrick’s Day brunch this past Sunday!

There’s nothing we love better than sleeping in and sipping champagne before noon, so themed brunches are pretty much our favourite kind of party.

Here’s a little snapshot of our brunch table this year!

Image Flowers are the perfect way to brighten up any table, and I have a love affair with spring tulips, so these bold colours were a must have when I stumbled upon them at the market Saturday. I separated them into a few different vases like an old chalkboard candle holder and an old brandy decanter I picked up at a garage sale this weekend. We used glitter tape and some matte place cards to make little food labels. My favourite was “clouds” for the whipped cream can. I think I was the only one amused though!


This year I decided to play up the whole leprechaun and pot of gold at the end of the rainbow theme, so I made a giant fruit platter using rainbow coloured fruits and rainbow jello shots, because it’s not St. Patrick’s Day brunch without a little spiked punch right?


If you follow us on Facebook you might have seen how hard it was to choose the menu this year. I got super hung up on desserts and realized I couldn’t justify an entire brunch of cake (darn!) so I perused magazines and Pinterest and my entire family to share their favourite brunch dishes. We ended up with crunch maple bacon on skewers (so it was easier to load up without getting greasy, plus it looked extra cute!), homemade donuts, devilled eggs (green, of course!), pancakes, and mini pastries. We also tried a recipe from this month’s Chatelaine for egg and toast tartlets which you can see on the platter out front, and they turned out super well! A fun way to give everybody their own full breakfast in a muffin-sized portion!



Of course we also had mimosas, because no brunch menu is complete unless you can slip a bit of completely appropriate champagne in there!

We decided to give everybody a little gift to make it feel extra special! We got really lucky because while I was out binge shopping I found the cutest little Lucky Clover grow kits for growing your own shamrocks right at home. It’s the perfect little gift because it suited the theme so well, but it’s also a fun token for people to DIY at home! I found some polka dot kraft bags at The Paper Place and tied little green tags with ribbon and wrote the names of our guests on them. I displayed them in my lap desk, which totally looks like a suitcase when open, but was super light and took up hardly any space on the table, which left more room for food!

All in all it was a super fun afternoon! It was nice to just veg out on the couch catching up with friends, making fun of hangovers, and pretending Monday wasn’t around the corner. Oh, and did I mention how nice the champagne was?

Hope you all had a fun St. Patrick’s Day!

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