paper flower toppers

ImageSo today’s post is part one of a very fun (if we do say so ourselves) two part blog special just in time for spring. Why two parts, you ask? Well being generous we decided rather than shock your senses with the biggest post you’ve ever seen, involving some serious diy (we’re talking hot glue here people) and some baking, and totally overwhelming you in an already stressful season, we’re going to break it up into two, today and Thursday (we rest on Wednesdays haha) so you can fully appreciate the beauty. Holy run on sentence.

Anyways, so basically part one is how to make the decorative aspect of what will be the most show stopping dessert you can ever bring to a party. Plus being able to make paper flowers is a useful skill! Not only is it perfect for some dessert toppers to wow your guests, but you can also make bouquets and wreaths and who knows what else (we’ll work on that list another time!).

So let’s go Party Girls!

DIY Paper Flowers


  • coloured paper
  • glue
  • a pencil
  • a cup
  • toothpicks
  • tissue paper (optional)

Step 1

You’re going to need to grab yourself a paper cup or mug. I snagged one of these little coffee cups from my office kitchenette because they are unquestionably the widest cup you’ll ever see, which makes it easier to roll your flower later. It’ll work with any size though, and once you get good you’ll be able to see how different cups/sizes can change the way your flowers look.ImageFlip the cup upside down on your paper. Use a pencil to lightly trace around the rim. Keep it light so you can erase the pencil marks later.

Step 2

ImageYou want to make your shape sort of look like the type of flower a five year old draws. Keep your hand really loose, you can see how parts of my flower look sharp on the down strokes and that’s not what you want. You want it to me more wave-like than bubbles. Basically if you can get the shape above you’ll do fine though.

Step 3

ImageCut out your shape and continue the waves in a spiral as seen above. Don’t stress about how to end it in the middle (waves get really confusing when you’re going in a circle) you’re going to cut that part off later.

Step 4


Use your scissors to make a bunch of cuts on the outside end (where you started cutting your spiral) about an inch or two long, making a fringe. This is going to be the middle of your flower. Holding the fringe facing up, start rolling tightly, twisting the spiral around as you go. This may sound confusing but as your start to roll you immediately see how it’s going to look like a flower and you instinctively start adjusting, it’s like your brain giving you a beautiful diy gift.

Step 5

When you’re finished rolling your flower (this one was a rose because I left my outside a bit sharper like I showed you in step one, the looser you make your waves the different shapes your flowers will be), you’ll know because you will have a section from the middle that won’t twist properly. Cut that piece off. It’s different lengths depending on your size and shape of the flower. It’s weird but just trust me. Use glue on the outside to seal the roll. Add a dab of glue at the top to sort of seal together the different layers. Or skip this step if your flower seems secure, you’ll add glue for the toothpick later anyways.


Step 6

ImageIf you added glue in step 5 you can just add a bit more to attach the toothpick. If you didn’t, you’ll want to spread your glue around more and then push the toothpick into it. I added another dab of hot glue on top of the toothpick, but depending on your glue that might not be an option. You want it to be secure enough to stand up vertically, and the flowers can have some weight to them, so consider that when choosing your glue. I used a glue gun and I didn’t lose a single flower.

I added some tissue paper leaves to my flowers because I had a pretty shade lying around and I thought, why not? I basically just cut long rectangles and impaled them on the toothpick, pinching the ends of each “leaf” to make them pointed. I didn’t add glue because the tissue paper just stayed there, but you could maybe use some little craft glue if you want to be safe.

And that’s all! Don’t they look sweet? I made about 12 of them in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and using different coloured paper. Make sure to check back on Thursday to get part two of this spring themed dessert!




mani monday

Hello party girls! Another weekend has passed and now it’s time to get back to the daily routine. We know how tedious Mondays can become, and that is why we have decided to bring you a new series, ManiMondays! Every Monday we will be bringing you the latests trends on manicures, the best nail polishes to use, how to care for your nails and much more.

This past week I haven been seeing patterns and shapes everywhere. That is why I decided to try out a cool and simple geometrical pattern for the first of many Mani Monday!

It’s very simple to do, all you need is a base coat, two of your favourite nail polishes, tape and our top coat. For my colours I chose an neutral brown and coral to add some pop. I love using neutrals with brighter colours because you can create a polished nail while still keeping it fun!



First you need to prep your nails with your base coat ( in this case I’m using a two-in-one base and top coat)


Next you’ll paint you base colour, for which I have chosen the brown.


Once your base colour is completely dry you can begin creating the patterns with the tape. I used regular clear tape and it worked perfectly for me. Now you can begin painting within the sections to create your patterns.



It’s super important that once you have finished painting the section that you remove the tape right away to ensure for a clean line.

image    image

And there you have it! You can chose to create different patterns for each nail, like I did, or just do one party nail. Either way, this unique nail art is sure to pump up your Monday!

the weekender – april 25-27

Hi Party Girls!
We hope you have all a great week after a busy Easter weekend! It has been an exciting week for us here at The Party Girl too, and we have so many exciting things coming your way. But for now we want to celebrate the end of the work week and start looking forward to more sunny and warm days to come! Spring means more date nights (after shaking off those winter hermit-blues!), whether with friends or with a special someone, and to give you some incentive to get out this weekend we hunted down a list of fun things to do this weekend here in Toronto! Since we live to serve we managed to find a super eclectic range of ways to keep you busy this weekend, so get out there, enjoy the longer days and hopefully try something new while you’re at it!
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
If you’re looking for an original play to see this weekend, then this is it! Hedwig and the Angry Inch takes audiences on a journey of love, betrayal and sacrifice with East-German trans-bombshell Hedwig, the lead singer of indie band The Angry Inch. It is currently being performed at the Lower Ossignton Theatre, with tickets ranging from $49 to $219. Follow it with drinks at your favourite restaurant and you’ve got the perfect night out!
Kensington Crawl 
Is theatre not your thing? Well then maybe this is more your speed! describes the Kensington Crawl as a three-hour excursion, where a professional tour guide helps unravel the various layers of Kensington Market as the company stops for mouth-watering tastings at cheese, butcher and spice shops. Price is $50 per person, and is open to anyone. The exact meeting location is announced to the registrants. If you love food then this is the place to be this Saturday (plus get your Mother’s Day shopping done at one of the amazing shops in the market!)
The Green Living Show
We happily and shamelessly blame this crazy weather on that whole global warming deal. Tired of long winters and want to do your part to help our environment? Then head to The Green Living Show this Sunday!! The Green Living Show is a trade show dedicated to environmentally-conscious products and lifestyle. Attractions include tastings of local dishes and drinks, the opportunity to test-drive the latest green automotive breakthroughs, and a talk about clean capitalism. Prices vary from $16 for adult tickets and $12 for seniors, children enter free. This would be a great way to spend your Sunday with family while learning how to take care of our planet!
Do you know of any other events happening in Toronto this weekend? Then let us know below in the comments, we would love to hear about it!!

spring sangria

easter sangria recipe

So obviously this is a little late for Easter, but this recipe turned out too good not to share, and there isn’t really anything too “Easter-y” about it that makes it inappropriate for the rest of the year, so all of that to say here is a super delicious recipe for sangria perfect for springtime!

I found this recipe sort of not really at all while looking for a way to cheat my way into this year’s potluck without having to try and make something half the people would hate. I say “not really” because I ended up changing pretty much everything about it so it isn’t even worth digging it up and giving you the original. Better to start fresh with what I know works, right?

SO. Another round of white wine sangria here we go!

Spring [Easter] Sangria

2 bottles of white wine (the first time I made it I used one Pinot Grigio and one Sauvignon Blanc, the second time I just used a cheap giant bottle of SB and it was just as good so use your own judgement there)

1 quart of strawberries

2 red apples (cored and sliced, you can keep the skins)

a few sprigs of fresh mint

4 cans of San Pellegrino orange

half a bottle of Sprite (or like 2 cans)

1/2 a cup of simple syrup

Dump the fruit in first and pour the wine over top of the fruit. Add the simple syrup. I think the first time I added the San Pellegrino and Sprite and then let it chill, but the second time I waited until it was chill and then added those and it made it easier to judge those ingredients which is good I think. Don’t stress if you forget and add it all at the same time (definitely what happened the first time) because it didn’t taste that much different, I just felt safer having more control because I’m crazy.

So there you have it! I’ve made it twice now and it was super good both times. It’s really light a fresh so it’s perfect for spring, but it’s also really versatile with all those different fruits and flavours, and it really works for any occasion.

Get excited Party Girls, your weekend just got a lot more interesting!



diy easter wreath


I have always had a little obsession with Easter wreaths. My grandmother has had one for years that looks like the whole thing has been constructed with Cadbury mini eggs. As a kid I would simultaneously wonder why someone would waste such perfectly good chocolate, and also envy those pretty pastel colours that brightened up her door every April. This year, after finding some super cute sparkly foam eggs at Dollarama, I vowed to make my own wreath.

The best part about this wreath (aside from the fact it’s adorable and super fun for spring!) is that it cost about $8 total. Maybe $10 if you don’t already own a glue gun. I thought about buying a foam wreath (like the ones you use if you’re making floral arrangements) and then spent what I’m sure was a frustrating (for my boyfriend) ten minutes in the wreath aisle at Michaels before I stumbled upon this great wreath made out of branches for $3! What a steal!

I’d already found these foam eggs (on tacky branches, those were the first thing to go) and little vines of tiny pastel eggs at the Dollarstore, so I spent about $5 on getting a bunch. I didn’t end up using everything but I stuck the leftovers into flower pots around the apartment so it was worth it!

If you live in Canada then Dollarama is your source for eggs just like mine, but if for some reason you can’t find them you can get foam eggs and paint them yourselves, or make cardboard or wood eggs and hot glue those for the same look!

DIY Easter Wreath


What Do You Need:

– 1 wreath (foam or branches or whatever you’d like, you can get some super inexpensive ones at Michaels, or even the dollar store and just cut off anything tacky)

– decorative eggs

– decorative greenery (mine came with eggs but you don’t need those unless you love it, like me!

– 1 glue gun + glue (obvs)

– strong scissors (for cutting wire if your greenery has wire inside, which it probably will)

** bonus round ** – if you want to add a banner like we did, just use black construction paper and some old kitchen twine with some chalk to create a chalk look like ours!

Step 1


Depending on how you buy it, you might have some unwanted pieces on your greenery and eggs. We just cut off the stuff we didn’t like, such as the big tacky poison ivy-esque leaves and random vines with no eggs (what’s the point!). Use your scissors to get your pieces exactly the way you’d like.

Wrap your greenery around your wreath. I wove it in and out of the branches to secure it rather than use a lot of glue (it can get messy and tacky!) but if you don’t have branches and weaving doesn’t work, try using small dabs of hot glue to secure thicker pieces of greenery. I wrapped mine around the wreath first, then went back and wove each piece through and around to shape it.

Step 2

simple or wild

Do what you feel! I bought two sets of the greenery, one with small white eggs and small pink eggs. I thought about leaving it with just the white because it looked very simple and elegant, but then I decided Easter was for fun colours and just went crazy with the pink too. So it’s up to you! Customize it however 🙂

pink wrap

You can see the pink vines got a little crazy. I snipped off pieces that made it look too crowded, so have those good scissors handy!

Step 3

trim eggs

Get that glue gun ready! If your eggs come on branches, like mine did, you’re going to want to trim them. I left a little piece at the bottom (you can see it in the above photo) so I could get extra leverage when I was gluing, but for the larger eggs the piece was too visible so I cut it right off.

hot glue


Try to hot glue your egg rather than the wreath. The wreath as a lot of spaces for glue to trickle down and gravity won’t be your friend when you’re trying to get those eggs on there securely. If you put the glue directly on the egg you get contact exactly where you need it! I did a trial run before I glued and tried the eggs in different places. You can go all out or just add a few eggs. I tried both ways and settled on just a few, but I think another project (next year anyone!?) might be interesting just buying a foam mount and gluing all the eggs to it!

Step 4

making banner

If you like the idea, make a banner! I decided it tied it together, and I love the way chalkboard buntings look so friendly and fun, exactly like Easter! I just cut out little triangles (I didn’t even measure, just freestyled them all, nothing but excitement at the Party Girl!) and taped them onto some twine. I drew the letters on with chalk. You can customize the message all you’d like! I found that some of my letters wanted to flap around and not stay still. The control freak inside me insisted I add a dab of hot glue to the back to weigh the letters down, and they behaved after that!

So that’s that! This whole project was actually super easy, it took maybe half an hour and like I said was crazy affordable, but now my entry looks so festive! Definitely a fun craft to try out this week and wow your fam this weekend!

Happy Easter Party Girls!

final wreath

carnival cocktails

thirsty thursday - carnival

We’ve had a busy couple weeks at the Party Girl, but with everything going on behind the scenes we wanted to share some of the fun we’ve been having away from the computer, especially when that fun means collecting some super fun (and easy!) cocktail ideas to share with friends!

I was super lucky to work with a talented friend developing a carnival-themed beverage menu for a project recently, and we got to play with some old school crafts and make this fun backdrop for our beverage station. And since we were already doing all that cocktail research, why not share some of our favourites for throwing your own carnival (or circus!) themed party?

Plus today is Thursday, so why not start a mini-tradition and share some Thirsty Thursday inspired recipes for winding down after a long week?!

We won’t bore you with all the reasons why they’re carnival themed (it involves a lot of weird stuff about flavours and taste buds and pairings) but the names are cute and the recipes are delicious so just enjoy!

#1 The Bearded Lady



















We stumbled across this gorgeous little recipe on A Cozy Kitchen  and instantly were awed by that stunning presentation, and then we saw chamomile and bourbon and fell in love.

You will need: 

6 chamomile tea bags
32 fluid ounces (4 cups) hot water
4 tablespoons honey
3 fluid ounces whiskey or bourbon
2 orange slices
3 lemon slices
Fresh chamomile flowers (optional)

Boil your water and pour it over your tea bags in a large container. Your life will be a lot easier if you have a jug with a pour spout. Add honey and bourbon and let it all steep for a bit (until you get the colour/strength you prefer). Shake everything in a shaker and pour into super cute mason jars (or whatever you’d like!) and garnish with fresh chamomile flowers to show off to all your friends!























#2 The Acrobat



How stunning is this super simple cocktail from Mirabelle Creations, PERFECT for a carnival party? Combine the classic carnival snack of cotton candy  with some Barefoot Bubbly Prosecco for a crisp and inviting sparkling taste and a fun candy-sweet finish! And it’s so easy! Just pour the champagne over your cotton candy and watch the magic happen! These cute little cocktails are just begging for some gold garnish, like the washi tape stems pictured above, or make some glitter stir sticks and serve!



And how sweet are those watercolour and calligraphy name cards? The whole thing is just perfect for a girls night, carnival theme or not!

#3 The Midway Mixer


Every party needs some non-alcoholic options for the DD, and this perfect little mocktail smoothie from Nosh My Way is delicious AND adorable! It’s a velvety blend of puréed strawberries, pineapple juice, a splash of club soda, and a light topping of whipped cream, so basically it’s the best kind of smoothie ever. Plus the colour comes out super bold and gorgeous, so it would look great with some circus themed black and white paper straws and highball glasses!

Want to make them even better? Why not try making some gold tinsel stir sticks like these New Years champagne stirrers!? They look so chic below but paired with some fun circus straws and that bright fruity red, I bet they’d be just as great!


So that’s that! Three of our favourite cocktail/mocktails to try yourself over the weekend and brighten your day!

We have some exciting projects coming up next week for Easter (think pretty decor and yummy treats!) but there are even bigger changes coming to the Party Girl soon so I hope you’re following us on this adventure!

april tech makeover

Happy April Party Girls! 

It’s April 1st and that means it’s time for a new tech makeover. There’s something bittersweet about April because while it’s technically spring anyone living in Canada knows it doesn’t feel very spring out there. I’m hoping having some soft spring colours will brighten up your days, and your desktops! 

Get the downloads for this month!

Desktop calendar

Desktop April Calendar

iPhone 4/4s calendar

iPhone 4/4s April Calendar


iPhone 5


Remember to right click and open the images in a separate tap/window and save the image from there, everything works in better definition that way!