the weekender – april 25-27

Hi Party Girls!
We hope you have all a great week after a busy Easter weekend! It has been an exciting week for us here at The Party Girl too, and we have so many exciting things coming your way. But for now we want to celebrate the end of the work week and start looking forward to more sunny and warm days to come! Spring means more date nights (after shaking off those winter hermit-blues!), whether with friends or with a special someone, and to give you some incentive to get out this weekend we hunted down a list of fun things to do this weekend here in Toronto! Since we live to serve we managed to find a super eclectic range of ways to keep you busy this weekend, so get out there, enjoy the longer days and hopefully try something new while you’re at it!
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
If you’re looking for an original play to see this weekend, then this is it! Hedwig and the Angry Inch takes audiences on a journey of love, betrayal and sacrifice with East-German trans-bombshell Hedwig, the lead singer of indie band The Angry Inch. It is currently being performed at the Lower Ossignton Theatre, with tickets ranging from $49 to $219. Follow it with drinks at your favourite restaurant and you’ve got the perfect night out!
Kensington Crawl 
Is theatre not your thing? Well then maybe this is more your speed! describes the Kensington Crawl as a three-hour excursion, where a professional tour guide helps unravel the various layers of Kensington Market as the company stops for mouth-watering tastings at cheese, butcher and spice shops. Price is $50 per person, and is open to anyone. The exact meeting location is announced to the registrants. If you love food then this is the place to be this Saturday (plus get your Mother’s Day shopping done at one of the amazing shops in the market!)
The Green Living Show
We happily and shamelessly blame this crazy weather on that whole global warming deal. Tired of long winters and want to do your part to help our environment? Then head to The Green Living Show this Sunday!! The Green Living Show is a trade show dedicated to environmentally-conscious products and lifestyle. Attractions include tastings of local dishes and drinks, the opportunity to test-drive the latest green automotive breakthroughs, and a talk about clean capitalism. Prices vary from $16 for adult tickets and $12 for seniors, children enter free. This would be a great way to spend your Sunday with family while learning how to take care of our planet!
Do you know of any other events happening in Toronto this weekend? Then let us know below in the comments, we would love to hear about it!!

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