mani monday

Hello party girls! Another weekend has passed and now it’s time to get back to the daily routine. We know how tedious Mondays can become, and that is why we have decided to bring you a new series, ManiMondays! Every Monday we will be bringing you the latests trends on manicures, the best nail polishes to use, how to care for your nails and much more.

This past week I haven been seeing patterns and shapes everywhere. That is why I decided to try out a cool and simple geometrical pattern for the first of many Mani Monday!

It’s very simple to do, all you need is a base coat, two of your favourite nail polishes, tape and our top coat. For my colours I chose an neutral brown and coral to add some pop. I love using neutrals with brighter colours because you can create a polished nail while still keeping it fun!



First you need to prep your nails with your base coat ( in this case I’m using a two-in-one base and top coat)


Next you’ll paint you base colour, for which I have chosen the brown.


Once your base colour is completely dry you can begin creating the patterns with the tape. I used regular clear tape and it worked perfectly for me. Now you can begin painting within the sections to create your patterns.



It’s super important that once you have finished painting the section that you remove the tape right away to ensure for a clean line.

image    image

And there you have it! You can chose to create different patterns for each nail, like I did, or just do one party nail. Either way, this unique nail art is sure to pump up your Monday!


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