floral nail design

Hello Party Girls! Happy Monday morning, we hope you have had a good start to your week, but in case it hasn’t been the best then no worries, Mani Monday is here! This past week has been so sunny and warm, I couldn’t resist going for some leisurely walks around my neighbourhood, where I saw some beautiful flowers start to bloom. I love flowers, they are so pretty and feminine, that it inspired me to do a cute and fun floral nail design.


It’s super simple and easy to do, although it might not seem like it at first. That’s why I have broken down every step for you girls, and here they are:


Now don’t worry if you don’t have nail art tools, check out the Wacky Lacky blog for alternatives you can find around the house http://wackylaki.blogspot.ca/2013/02/tips-tricks-dotting-tool-alternatives.html



They look blotchy now, but that’s perfect, you don’t want to make your flowers too round. (Also I got a little impatient and started finishing the other nails with some polka dots!)


It doesn’t look like much on this picture but the accents really make a difference. You can also chose a more solid colour (mine was a sheer champagne polish) to make the accent pop.



Let us know what you think below!

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