rose cupcakes


So today we decided to bring you the prettiest (and easiest!) tutorial ever. This pretty garden cupcake was inspired by those super cute flower stem cupcake wrappers we found at a store back in winter. We weren’t feeling terribly floral back then (we had to trudge through a snowstorm to get home) but we did leave with a new idea in mind: flower cupcakes!

I found a really lovely new shade of Wilton icing dye called Mauve (99% that’s what it’s called) and it made me realize how badly I wanted to make rose cupcakes, and thus was born these babies!

These cupcakes look great but they’re actually so so so easy to make, this doesn’t even really count as a tutorial! If you have one minute to spare you can make these yourself!

Rose Cupcakes


  • Wilton 2D tip
  • piping bag set up/icing gun (you can get pretty awesome ones at the dollar store!)
  • icing
  • cupcakes
  • these look pretty even without the stem/grass wrappers, but if you love them like we do, we got ours at Michaels, and we’ve seen them at Kitchen Plus as well (that might be a Toronto store thing, but still they’re made by Wilton and fairly common!)

Step 1

After you’ve let your cupcakes cool, load your icing gun (or piping bag) with your icing and a Wilton 2D tip. You can get this tip for about $1 at Bulk Barn, Michaels, or Party City (it’s a fairly specific tip though so try the first two first). That’s literally ALL you need to make roses! You can use these for cupcakes or for making a rosette cake, but we’ll get to that another day 🙂


Position yourself in the centre of your cupcake and gently press down some icing, creating a little “bud” in the centre.

Step 2


Slowly wrap the icing around the “bud”, moving clockwise and keeping your pressure fluid. As you rotate your going to want to subtly twist your icing stream to move around the “bud” in a rose shape. You can use the completed cupcake in the picture above as a guide for where to twist your icing, as you can see the turns where the icing sort of folds over the layers before it.

Step 3


Keep going around the layers until you get to the outside. If you want, you can crumb coat (so lightly/thinnly ice) your cupcake before you start the rose so you can’t see the cake beneath the rose, but I didn’t mind the look so I didn’t bother. Plus I was more aiming for the two minute time frame so that seemed unnecessary.

When you get to the outside layer and you want to end the icing stream, slowly stop pressure (as your completing the last turn seems to work best) and then twist the end piece so it falls in a fluid shape. This may sound confusing but when you’re icing you can really notice what I mean so don’t worry!


And that’s it! Easy right? Really the icing tip does most of the work here, but it’s still a great trick to learn if you want to make everyday cupcakes look extra special but don’t have hours to spend decorating. There is a time and a place for intricate cupcake designs, and that is rarely before you head out of the house for the family dinner you’re already late for, am I right?

Let us know what you think about this rose cupcake tutorial in the comments below, and give it a try this week!

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