time for a fiesta!

fiesta header.jpg

So for those who didn’t know, earlier this month I (Ashley) celebrated my 23rd birthday. We went back and forth on whether or not we were going to have a party, but at the end of the day we were bummed we were missing Cinco de Mayo (we both had work/plans and it was just way too hard) and I am OBSESSED with the idea of having a fiesta party. And so was born the idea of a [belated] Cinco de Mayo/fiesta themed birthday party.

fiesta table

So because I’m obsessed with food stations, we had TWO (that’s right) different kinds of help yourself food bars, one featuring tacos (oh yeah) and one featuring sangria, mostly because I found the most adorable double drink dispenser and I needed to justify buying it, and also it was fun to have that much wine on hand.

We wanted it to be a really fun late night snack kind of party, so we kept the food pretty simple. This is an acceptable way to say that I made a giant menu, everybody else said I needed to calm down, and then in the end we still had too much food.


fiesta taco stand

Obviously we made cactus cupcakes, because they are adorable, and I can’t not have cupcakes at a party. They were actually super easy and they looked cute in those little clay pots I got at the dollar store. We also made beergaritas, which are basically margaritas with a bottle of Corona in them. Basically they were fantastic, if not a little strong. A lot strong. Very strong.

As someone who has experience with picky taco eaters (hard shell forever, okay?) I graciously decided to have hard, soft and nacho chips at the party, and it was way more fun because we had a million more dips and it was amazing.

fiesta sangria bar.jpg

Until I found this picture I forgot I made sombrero cookies! They were so fun and colourful and combined sugar cookies and brownies which is like the best dessert in the world. Even though it was spontaneous the sangria bar was so much fun I don’t know why we’ve never done it before. I basically combined my two favourite sangria recipes (one red and one white and both previously blogged because we are sharers here at the Party Girl) and put them in my amazing dispenser. I made the base and then we set out some fruits and mint for people to add as they wanted. So fun!

So that’s that! We wanted to share how simple everything was, and we did most of it ourselves! We have some DIY projects we can share (like how to make those fab numbers!) but for now this seemed like a fun way to share some easy party fun. I wish we’d thought to get more pictures because I found a local supplier for 17″ balloons and went a little crazy. We could have done an entire post on how much fun it is to buy a dizen 17″ balloons and then transport those balloons in the backseat of a normal sized car.

The man at the party store was like, “Do you have a van?”

And I was like “…No, is that bad?”

The answer was yes. It was horribly awkward.

I digress, hope you liked it!



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