canada day nails



Canada day is tomorrow, and we know everyone will be heading out in their red and white to enjoy the day’s festivities and end the night with some amazing fireworks. Because we want you to show your full national pride this Canada day we have created a patriotic mani!!

Now I was very hopeful that I would be able to make a maple leaf on my big thumb, but no matter how much I tried i just could not make it seem more like a leaf and less like a red blob. Let’s just say that leafs are not my specialty. I absolutely didn’t want to but eventually I had to give up and move on. So for those of you that feel confident in your maple leaf designs then you can replace the flag with a leaf.

So here they are:

As always, I started by applying my base coat. I use the Sally Hansen Complete Care because I have very weak nails and find that it has really helped me strengthen them.

image 1


Then I applied the white base. I explained this before on another mani post but make sure to be very careful when painting with white, it is not very forgiving and any little smudge will be very noticeable.

image 2


Now you will begin to add the accent colour, the red. I decided to do a diagonal line to add in the red. After the white polish had dried I placed a piece of tape diagonally across my finger. Then I painted the red on the bottom part that was left exposed. Quickly i removed the tape to avoid any smudges (for some it worked best that others)

image 3image 4image 5

Finally I did the flag, using the same technique as above but making the lines vertical along either side of my thumb, leaving the middle part white.

image 6

There you have it, Canada Day Nails!



canada day “firework” stir sticks

stir stick fireworks HEADER

So since we’re in the middle of a Canada Day crunch, we obviously wanted to emphasize “quick” ideas that you could make at the last minute. This one is actually one of my favourites for drinks because while it seems a little TOO easy, we pulled similar ones out at a New Years party with the label “firework stir sticks” and people went CRAZY over them. I think once people see them with the idea that they’re “fireworks” it’s super fun.

ANYWAYS, this doesn’t even count as a DIY because it’s actually that easy. Here’s what you need:

stir stick fireworks materials

Use your scissors to cut your pipe cleaners into smaller sections. I cut some in half and others into thirds.

Grab a handful and stick them in the top of your paper straw. You can use glue if you want but the pressure of all of them crammed in there does a great job of securing them.

stir stick fireworks assemblyCurly the pipe cleaner towards the bottom of the paper straw so you have a firework shape. If you can find glittery pipe cleaners that would look great too. You could also add silvery tinsel  as well, or even trade the pipe cleaners for red and white (or red and silver!) tinsel. You’d want to put a dab of glue in the straw if you’re using tinsel though. It doesn’t have the same structure 🙂

stir stick fireworks final

And there you have it! A five minute craft that will dress up your Canada Day drink table, AND stays true to the festivities.

canada day flag cheesecake

cheesecake header

The best part about this project is that it’s one of those things where if you’re headed to a party, odds are you aren’t going empty handed. And cheesecakes are pretty much a party go to. Everybody loves cheesecake. It’s a universal crowd pleaser. So if you’re already baking, and then you remember Canada Day is around the corner, you can just grab some food colouring and make this flag cheesecake. It’s perfect. It’s fast. It’s easy. You have everything you need at home.

Aren’t those the best kinds of party treats?

So how to make a flag cheesecake.

cheesecake step 1

First, separate about 2/3 of a cup of your cheesecake filling, pouring the rest into the cake pan. Pour the extra batter into a bowl and use red food colouring or dye and mix the filling. Spoon into an icing bag or Ziploc bag and cut a small hole to pipe out your flag design.

making the cheesecakeDraw your flag. I used a cookie cutter for the maple leaf, but next time I would free hand it, and make the points more spread out. The design is going to spread so make take that into account. Another option is doing the sides of the cake but not the maple leaf, and waiting until you take it out of the oven to pipe on the maple leaf. It’s a thin layer of cheesecake, so it will chill fine without baking.

cheesecake step 2

Use a toothpick to clean up the filling. Now it’s time to bake! So I have a super specific way of baking cheesecakes, and I don’t know where I learned it but it totally works perfectly so don’t judge.

cheesecake step 3

Put a baking rack on a roasting pan and place your cake pan on top. Fill the roasting pan with boiling water, about halfway up the cake pan (aim for the dashed line in the photo). Pop it in the oven for about 45-50minutes. I baked around 325 because I’m neurotic. You do what you wanna do 🙂 I will warn you the roasting pan will weigh like five million pounds. Justin usually handles the oven transferring, and we fill it up with water while IN the oven. Which is smarter. Because it will weigh about ten million pounds when it’s full. Just a pro tip.

And that’s it! It’s literally the easiest Canada Day themed cake you can make, and you don’t even need icing. That’s like the cherry on top 🙂

OH, and check out how gorgeous and smooth the water trick makes your cake.

cheesecake step 4

That’s right. You’ll knock ’em dead.

canada day tissue paper fringe

fringe header

Happy hump day Party Girls! We’re throwing in a Wednesday bonus post for Canada say since its right around the corner and we know you may be scrambling!

In fact, we have a NONSTOP Canada Day crunch on this week. We’ll be sharing our ideas for last minute ideas to help you be your patriotic best by Tuesday!

The best part about today’s post is that you can customize it for any party, so it’s like a hump day UNIVERSAL treat. Yup.

Here is everything you need:


No joke, that’s seriously it. If you have ever wrapped a gift you have these materials lying around your house. It’s a no brainer.

fringe step 1

Fold your tissue paper in half length wise and cut slits arose the whole thing, creating a fringe.

fringe step 2

Open it up and turn it so that one of the non-fringed edges is facing you.

fringe step 3

Start rolling the fringe super tight. The next picture should illustrate a bit better the shape you’re going for. Basically you are rolling the tops together, but keep unravelling the fringe so that the tissue paper doesn’t rip. You’re going to want to go slow, to keep an eye on the fringes.

fringe step 4

You’ll have this middle piece rolled up tight at the end. Stick your finger through the gap (where my finger is poking through) and twist around so the fringes are all together. String some ribbon through it and tape to secure.

fringe finalAnd that’s that! You can use any colour you want. We chose some muted Canada Day tones so it would blend a little more subtly with decorations, but you can go for full on white and Christmas red if you want, or use the same instructions to make garlands for your next party. It’s a great project because it’s so easy, and it looks great!

So there you go Party Girls, need a last minute decor facelift for you Canada Day BBQ?

You’re welcome. 🙂

maple leaf cookies

maple leaf cookie header

Hi Party Girls! If you’re like us, it might be a surprise to hear that Canada Day is literally around the corner, and we are NOT AT ALL prepared for that. We thought we’d give you the gift of what to do for a last minute snack to bring to a BBQ this Canada Day. This post is a little less diy and a lot more “omg I have a party tomorrow what can I make?” You’re welcome in advance.

For our first trick, you need to make some sugar cookies. Since we’re dolls we’ve already shared our favourite recipe here, but the tricky part is finding a maple leaf cutter if you don’t already have one. Strangely not a popular choice, we had to pull some tricks to track one down (okay, we went to Bulk Barn and they had a huge selection). Make your cookies and go watch reruns of The Real Housewives. You know you want to.

step 1

Now for the amazing part where we show you how quick this is. We didn’t even bother icing these. We didn’t use any form of icing spatula or knives. Aint nobody got time for that with a party looming. Instead, we dipped those little guys face first into our freshly mixed royal icing (you want it to be pretty wet, so freshly mixed, i.e. turn your mixer on for like five seconds before starting this part, is important).

step 2 2

Ta da! We tried some with just half the cookie dipped but we had to use toothpicks to clean up the edges to preserve the maple leaf shape and again, this was a last minute sort of deal, so we stuck with doing the whole thing.

You can use a knife to smooth them out a bit. We’re not going to be all elitist and say you’re too OCD if you want them smooth. We support your choices.

step 3

While they’re still wet (again, wetness = crucial) sprinkle some red and white sprinkles on top. You can get creative and use maple leaf shaped sprinkles if you’ve got them, or add in some pretty crystal sprinkles, etc. The point is that regardless of what you use, this whole process takes ten minutes, and then they dry and look suspiciously elegant and adorable, BUT IT TOOK YOU TEN MINUTES.

It’s perfect, no?

final image

weekender- june 20-22

weekender june 20-22 header

It is here once again… the long awaited WEEKEND! We could not wait for friday to come, especially since we have a special party girl meeting today, which means lots of crafting and decorating and planning. Just what we love to do!! The first day of summer is tomorrow and we can truly say that we are feeling it everywhere. Festivals are in full swing and lazy BBQ parties are becoming a regular weekend thing.

This weekend we have many exciting events happening in the downtown core and surrounding areas that we really want you to check out!

TD Toronto Jazz Festival

toronto jazz

The renowned TD Toronto Jazz Festival is back this year and features even more jazz artists then the years past performing in and around the city. This year they team up with World Pride as they co-host the opening ceremony at Nathan Phillips Square.

This years performers include Earth Wind & Fire, Buika, Hiromi: The Trio Project, Measha Brueggergosman and Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue.
A full concert calendar can be found on the official website-
Fri, June 20
Tickets $ varies per show

The Junction Summer Solstice Festival

junction summer solstice

The Junction Summer Solstice Festival- The first festival of the Summer Season, celebrating the longest day of the year. You can learn all about the Junction by enjoying a full day of activities & events showcasing the best Junction has to offer. With fantastic summer themed entertainment, sunny energy and a shopping experience like no other in the City.

Celebrate DIY culture, love for art, design and music. Green powered event showcasing the neighbourhood’s passion for healthy lifestyle and love for fresh quality food. Day to Night enjoy family friendly shows and workshops, take a spin on a Ferris Wheel and taste the Junction.

Sat, June 21

Fresh City- Open Farm

fresh city

Fresh City’s season launch event is here! Bring a blanket, your friends and family and get ready to enjoy a day on the farm. There will be an artisan food and farmer’s market, free farm tours and workshops, local beer and live music, and more!
 Sun, June 22: 1 – 5pm

Polo For Heart


This event is very dear to my heart as it is one that my family and I have supported for many years.

Polo for Heart has brought players from around the world to The Gormley Polo Centre in Richmond Hill to participate in the world’s oldest team sport. You can witness the power and the passion of polo at this 3-day event featuring two international polo matches each day. Aside from the games, you can also browse through the boutiques, silent auction; enjoy the half time entertainment, the traditional champagne divot stomp; children’s village and the perfect polo picnic and best hat contests.

Celebrating 35 years of fundraising, this event has raised more than $5 million for heart and stroke related charities. This year proceeds will to the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Stroke Recovery Centre at Sunnybrook and towards purchasing a new MRI machine at Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket.

Fri, June 20- Sun, June 22
Enjoy party girls! Comment below with your favourite events happening this weekend!

diy necklace display

frame headerSo once upon a time I promised I would share how I made the necklace display featured in the wall collage post, and months passed, and the Party Girls grew restless. But never fear, because I dug through the archives and culled out the photos I took while I was making this [extremely easy] diy project.

See, it all started because I was tired of my necklaces getting tangled in my teacups (where I keep the rest of my jewellery). I was constantly untangling long chain necklaces, and as I started wearing more and more bulky necklaces, my shelf started to look aggressively like an antique store (the teacups didn’t help).

Uninspired and looking for a way to hang them up, I started researching on Etsy and found this amazing local vendor who makes gorgeous drawer pulls. At the same time my aunt found an old window frame at a garage sale and bought it thinking she’d make a diy project for her garden, but then changed her mind and the window frame was discarded in the basement.

It was a match made in heaven.

image 1

This is what the window looked like when my aunt passed it to me for my project.

image 2I didn’t want to spend money on paint, so Justin and I tore apart our apartment (he was perhaps less motivated than I was) and found an old paint can from when we painted our first apartment back in Ottawa. And he says I’ll never use half the crap I insist on keeping. Ha.

image 3It’s maybe hard to tell, but the paint was a really pale greenish colour. Like grey green. I can’t remember the exact name, only that it caused me some stress back in Ottawa when I pushed for painting the apartment hall this bold forest green and Justin said no and we settled on this colour, which I hated in the can but LOVED on the walls.

image 4I would like to say I screwed the drawer pulls in myself but that would be a lie, because I tried and nearly drilled through our floor. Oops. I settled on 5 to start with, with plans to expand to the bottom of the frame later. I haven’t done that yet, but I did clear out a ton of jewellery so that’s basically the same thing.

image 5

And this is how it looked when we put it up! By me I mean Justin, obvs. Also sorry the bedroom is such a mess in this photo, we were doing laundry and then I got inspired about putting up a photo wall and it was just all downhill from there. And Justin’s bedside table is the worst thing in our whole apartment but his brother made it in shop class (yes, in high school. As in ten years ago) and apparently it’s an “heirloom” now.

What do you think? Pretty easy huh? If you aren’t lucky enough to have an aunt pick up supplies for your future projects by accident, scour garage sales and the Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores (unless this is an Ontario only thing, I’m not sure?) for old housing materials that work just as well!