world cup nails

Hi party girls! Another monday is here, but this one seems way more exciting than the rest. As many of you know, the World Cup is under way! This is one of the biggest and most watched sport tournaments in the world! In honour of this we have designed World Cup nails to support our favourite teams.


Now I’m from Argentina so of course I have painted my nails in the Argentine flag’s colours. However, because we live in a very multi-cultural country, we know that everyone will be cheering for different teams. And although I do think everyone should cheer for Argentina (but I’m biased so don’t listen to me), we encourage you to adapt this design to fit your team’s colours and flag.

The Argentine flag has three colours, blue, white and yellow. I have chosen to make the flag on the thumbs and blue french tips with a white base on the rest of the fingers.

So for example, if your team is Italy you can do the flag on the thumbs and white with green tips on the other fingers. Or maybe green with white tips. Or alternating green and red tips. It’s up to you!

step 1


White is a very tricky colour to paint with as any imperfection shows, so be very careful when doing your base coat.

step 2


I used a small brush to paint the tips, but if you’re not as experience (or you have very shaky hands) then you can use the tape method. All you do is use regular tape, once the nails are dry, and apply it just above the end of your nail. This will leave the tip uncovered and you can paint away without worrying about lines or smudging.

step 3

You can either freehand them or use the tape method again, whatever works best for you. In this case I did the base white and added the blue on the ends. I finished with the yellow sun in the middle by using a medium sized dotting tool.

step 4

That’s what mine looked like after I was done. Now some of you may be thinking, there is absolutely no way I can do this design, and that’s ok. It is hard for people to do their own nails as it is, let alone adding a design on top. That’s why we have done another option for those less experience with nail art.

This a simple a quick way to show your support for your team without spending hours trying to get the design right! In this case we decided to recreate the flag but throughout her whole hand.

option 2


Let us know what you think of the designs and what team you’ll be cheering on during this World Cup!

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