it’s canada day, “eh”?

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Happy Canada Day Party Girls! In the spirit of our last minute Canada Day party ideas crunch this past week, we have one final ULTIMATE last minute project that will take you the equivalent of reading this to make. If you’re  a crazy person always ready for crafts like me, you may have these tools on hand. If NOT, get creative. You don’t need to make that stuff out of wooden letters! You don’t need paint! Print of some giant letters, cut those babies out and glue them to some cardboard. The point is that it is ACTUALLY THAT EASY, and takes minimal effort.

That’s basically the best birthday present you can give your nation.

HOW TO MAKE LETTERSSee these four steps? Those are four steps to making this project. I mean okay, technically you need to make a cake, but we aren’t miracle workers. You didn’t make a cake for this party? Where are your manners? Just kidding, no judgement. Stick them in a fruit platter or cupcakes or cookies, or buy a cake (the dedicated grocers are still open today) on your way.

If the pictures aren’t clear enough, I painted some wooden letters red and white, and hot glued them to wooden stir sticks.

Genius, right?

It took like four minutes and cost about the exact same amount of dollars.

eh finalHow fun is that? I decided to do “eh” because I didn’t have enough As to make Canada Day. It was literally a “okay, I have five minutes and no supplies, what do we have here?” sort of decision, which only emphasizes how perfect this project is for you if you’re running out the door for a BBQ this afternoon and haven’t figured out how to make a celebratory (and appropriately patriotic) hostess gift.

So that’s a wrap on our Canada Day projects! We hope between the cookies, the drink stirrers, the garland (featured above, although a bit blurry) the flag cheesecake and this topper you’ve found the perfect last minute post to salvage your national pride today!

We even posted a bit earlier today so you’d have more time (for the paint to dry, am I right?). That…and there’s another little gift coming your way in a bit. So much to celebrate today!

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