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Good morning Party Girls! Hope you’re well rested after your Canada Day shenanigans. Today’s post is extra special fun because it incorporates two of my favourite things: cupcakes and dinosaurs.

I actually can’t even explain how much I LOVE dinosaurs, but I came up with this idea because my sister wanted to have a “danger” dinner. (Yes I know). I had a lot of super fun ideas, but for some reason everybody shot down “volcano cake”, which was  basically exactly what it sounds like, featuring a chemical explosion. I still don’t see the issue, but whatever. My siblings are equally fascinated with things that look like aliens that are famous for their deadliness, so when I suggested dinosaur cupcakes it was a big hit. I toyed with making dinosaur shaped cupcakes, but seriously, aint nobody got time for that.

Thus was born: the DINOSAUR TOPPERS! This actually is a horrible DIY because it’s so easy I feel like you’ll judge me for feeling like I even need to explain it. In the spirit of sharing despite the fact I trust you are all completely capable of puzzling this one out solo, here is a hopefully not at all placating completely adorable tutorial on how to make dinosaur toppers.

dino cupcakes materials


  • plastic dinosaurs (I got these guys at the dollar store. It was a pack of maybe 5 or 6? I’m not sure of the exact number because my cat stole half of them. Oops.)
  • craft paint (also from the dollar store, I don’t know why but this is actually the best quality craft paint ever, so kudos to Dollarama for providing me endless supplies for $1.50 each!) ; I got white (as a primer) and gold because it was a GIRLY danger party, but you can go any route you’d like
  • some pennies (might as well use them somewhere, amIright?)
  • glue gun

dino cupcakes 1

I used tweezers to hold the dinosaur while I painted it. The paint dries really quickly, but not quickly enough that you’re going to want to hold it the whole time, so put down some newspaper and don’t stress if a bit of paint rubs off, you won’t even notice when your tearing it off to devour the delicious cupcakes you make later!

I did a coat of white and then after it was dry used gold paint as my “colour” choice. I don’t know if you’d need the white or not, since the paint is actually VERY good quality and does a pretty decent coat, but I think for the price and the drying time might as well give it a shot.

While it’s drying, paint your penny the same colour as your topper. It’s going in the icing so don’t stress about it being perfect. I didn’t even use the white, just straight up gold paint.

dino cupcakes 2

Once the penny is dry, add a dab of hot glue on the side that will go up (i.e. the side you painted, unless you were an overachiever and painted both sides). Stick the feet of your dinosaur onto the penny and gently push down to make sure both feet are surrounded by glue, and let the hot glue do the rest!

I used gold foil wrappers and some ivory tinted icing with little sprinkles for my cupcakes because I was aiming for a girly look (with dinosaurs, heck yes). You could do whatever fit the theme of your party, or just what you feel like if you’re making these for fun!

And that’s it! Pretty easy huh? You could definitely try it with really any theme. They had farm yard animals and wild animals (like from the forest…like bears and tigers…to clarify) at the store as well so there are a couple more ideas.

dino cupcakes final

Let us know what you think, and have a great Thursday!


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