black and white mani

mani header

Good morning! We hope you didn’t get too soaked this morning. It is was raining so hard by my house that dog didn’t even want to go out. But at least it didn’t rain during the weekend so we should be happy about that. Did you guys enjoy the hot weather? I know I did, I spent the weekend tanning, swimming in the pool or watching the World Cup (my team Argentina is in the semis!)

This week I had one of my friends come over, and she asked me to do her nails for her. She decided she wanted a black and white stripped mani with an an avant-garde flower over top.  We were almost done the nails when I realized that my flower looked more like a 1 year old trying to play with paint. So we scratched that idea and started from the beginning. This time we did a simple stripped design but with the pop of colour on the rest of the nails. It’s very simple but i’ll break it down for you!

First we started with the base coat. I cannot stress enough how important this step is as it not only strengthens your nails but also protects them from the nail polish which can sometimes make the nails turn yellow  step oneNow you’re going to paint one nail white. Or you can do all of them black and white. I don’t like to do the nail design on more than one or two nails, as you may have noticed from my previous posts. But you can do what you like most.step twoThen I painted the rest of the nails with a purple. I like the contrasts between these colours, I think they complement each other well. Also I usually like to do all of the painting first before I start doing the details of the nail art. I find it easier to get it out of the way and that way when you finish the design you can see your final product.  step three    And last but not least I added the black stripes on top of the white. I wasn’t too picky about the stripes, because I knew that I wanted it to look hand painted. But if you’d rather make them look neater then you can cut strips of tape, place them on top of the white nail and paint the uncovered areas black. step four


There you have it girls! What nail designs are you rocking this muggy monday morning?



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