edible initial cupcake toppers

cookie topper headerGood morning Party Girls! It feels so good to be back and sharing all the fun projects we’ve been up to! I’m the worst at keeping secrets so with all our big changes and announcements it was almost impossible to hold on to this adorable cupcake topper we dreamed up. I love the way cupcakes look dressed up in fancy little toppers, but you know whats way more fun than looking at a topper? Eating it! Hence the creation edible cupcake toppers, customizable any way you want. We picked our initials because we’re sentimental slobs, and then spelled out “love” because we’re so cliche 😉

Regardless of our completely unoriginal subject choices, these little guys looked super cute when they were done, and they’d make a great little treat in lieu of place cards at a dinner party. Isn’t the best part about being an adult dessert first? (Answer = yes. Always.)

And they’re so easy to make!

sprinkle cookies step1Using your favourite sugar cookie recipe (you can find ours here) use alphabet cookie cutters (or a knife if you’re crazy talented) to make your cookie shapes. I got these in a box of 100 (yup) at Home Outfitters, but you can find letters just like this pretty much anywhere, and the alphabet generally always comes together 🙂 We found this size was pretty much perfect because it was small enough not to fall over on the cupcake but big enough to stick to a candy pop stick, which is important.

sprinkle cookies step 2While your cookies are baking, lay out your bowl of icing and a bowl of sprinkles. Make sure the sprinkles are relatively deep (you should be able to stick your finger in the bowl and have the sprinkles cover your nail at least). After baking your cookies, dip them in royal icing. Full disclosure: we’ve used this icing dipping technique before and while Fernanda is crazy pro at it, I am not. I don’t have the patience for it, and since Victoria and I had to go these ones alone, we both got pretty irritated with the fact we couldn’t duplicate Fernanda’s crazy precise dipping techniques. So we used knives. Don’t tell her.

Regardless of how you do it, you want a thin layer of icing on your cookie.

sprinkle cookies step 3Immediately after you get the cookie covered the way you want, slowly lay it down on the sprinkles and gently tap the back. Don’t push too hard or wiggle because we tried that (again, impatient) and we had to use a toothpick to clean up the sides. Note: you CAN use a toothpick to clean up the sides if you screw up, so don’t stress about it!

sprinkle cookies step 4Let your cookies sit for a bit so the royal icing firms up. At this point the sprinkles are pretty much going to stick forever (to a point) so it’s less horrifying when you have to flip the cookie over to use candy melts (or melted chocolate) to adhere a cake pop stick to the back of your cookie. If you’ve never done this before, just think of your melted candy as glue. It’s really that simple. If you’re really dedicated (Victoria) you can hold the stick for a minute or two while the candy melts harden again. If you aren’t (me) it’s not THAT big a risk to just trust gravity not to ruin your stick/melted candy glue.

sprinkle cookies step 5And that’s it! Place one in the centre of your guests dessert plates (if you can wait until dessert!) and serve for the ultimate in person (and delicious!) party touches!

Let us know what you think, and have a great day!


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