feather mani

feather mani

Good morning!

It’s a new day, a new week and a new beginning for us here at party girl. As you may have noticed our website has had a bit of a face-lift!  What do you guys think?
We are on the second week of the new look and we are absolutely ecstatic about it. 

To celebrate the new website I have decided to do one of my favourite nail designs, a feather mani!! I absolutely love this look, and it’s so simple to do. For this post I bought some special tools to make things easier, the Kiss Nail Artist : Paint & Stencil Kit. It comes with three colours, black, white and silver. The great thing about this kit is the thin brushes, which are perfect for creating that flawless feather design.

First I started with the base coat, followed by the colour. I’m usually not one to buy expensive nail colours since I normally only used them a handful of times and end up wasting them. But when I went in to the store and saw the mint Sally Hansen colour I decided to splurge! 

Feather mani step1

Then I started adding the design. I began at the corner of the nail with the stripes facing out.

feather mani step 2

Then I added two more stripes. I continued the stripes, always starting from the center and brushing out.

feather mani step 4

Once you have filled in your feather you can add some sparkle to it. I love sparkle! I added some stripes here and there. Not too much, just to add some dimension.

feather mani step 5

And that’s it, repeat on all of the nails and you’re done. A feathered nail for your Monday morning! Let us know what you think of the design and the new look on the website!

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