mani monday

Happy monday everyone! Here we are again another monday, another week ahead. I’m going to make this post quick because I know we all have busy days ahead (me included!). This week I wanted to do a flower design, and I have wanted to try doing daisies for a while now. I have to say it was not as easy as I thought. But I tried again and I have to say this is probably one of my favourite nail designs!!

daisy nails header

The first thing I did was paint my base colour. I chose to do a dark purple because I liked how it would look with the yellow center. You can do a lighter shade to make it feel more summery or stick with darker shades for more contrast with the flowers.

Then I began painting the flowers. Now the first time I tried to do this design I made the mistake of using a dotting tool to make the petals. Needless to say it did not work out very well. If you are comfortable and experienced with the dotting tool then give it a try, but I found that using a small stripping brush works better for me.

I started the first daisy from the corner and did two lines moving towards the center of the nail.

daisy nails 1

Then I added more petals around the first two to complete the flower. Then I repeated the same steps on the opposite corner of the nail. As you can see one of the daisies turned out a bit wonky but that’s ok, Flowers aren’t perfect, and you can’t always be redoing your designs over and over again until they are absolutely perfect. You’ll be there forever and you’ll feel super frustrated in the process.

daisy nails 2

Now repeat the same process on the rest of the nails. Add some variety by doing one flower on some nails, two or three on others, and in different parts of the nails.

daisy nails 3.1

Finally I added the yellow center using a dotting tool.

daisy 5

There you have it! I love this design, i think the daisies are super cute for summer. Let us know what you think in the comments below!




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