shabby chic ombre cake

shabby chic ombre cake headerI have a lot of cake ideas I’ve always wanted to try. Some of them are really intricate (ask me how my ruffled cake technique is going) and some of them seem intricate but are just fun and silly to make (sprinkle cake anybody?) and others make zero sense to anybody except me. Today’s “diy” although we aren’t going to call it that because it barely counts is an example of that latter group.

I have always, ALWAYS, been obsessed with (as my nan would say) “messy cakes”. I think smash cakes for babies are the best thing ever. I love them. I want to smash cake. I love naked cakes that look like somebody forgot about them. I love tiered cakes that look like they’re falling over. So when I started seeing cakes that looked like someone slapped icing on them, I was in love. Was this project received with acceptance and understanding from my peers? Not at all. Do I still support it as a super cute cake for a “shabby chic” theme? YES. Could this same technique be adapted with more patience and a cleaner vision into something a lot less messy? Probably. But I like it my way. If you agree, here’s how you too can have this super fun ombre cake at your next party!

shabby chic cake step 1First of all, decide on your colours. I wanted to do an ombre because I already had a light pink (above) mixed but I was feeling a hot pink cake for no reason whatsoever, so I decided to utilize both. I mixed four bowls with gradually more drops of dye because I wanted a softer ombre. If you want something more dramatic, go for three of four tones of icing dye.

shabby chic cake step 2With your icing gun (or piping bag) add a dab of icing around the top of your cake (if you’re going down, this makes sense in a second) like little dots. Then, take a spoon and run it under hot water. Slowly and gently (or fast and not gentle at all if you’re me and want the mess) press and drag the icing down. If you go down, and your icing is too wet, it’s going to look messier than if you allow your icing to sit for a couple minutes and drag your dots to the side. If you’re going sideways, do one dot at a time. You want to place the next dot where the “smear” starts to thin out. If you’re going down, you can see above what I mean by a thinning “smear”.

shabby chic cake step 3Add your next colour below and continue. When you get to the bottom, you have a couple choices. You can use a icing tip to make a small base that sort of secures the smears. I left mine messy, but you could also use a spoon or knife to clean up the bottom layer smudges so it just looks smooth at the bottom. Do what makes you happy 🙂

shabby chic cake final

And that’s that! It’s a super easy cake, but it also looks so fun, especially with a bright topper with a sweet topper. I love how the colours looked together, they look so girly and bold, but they also looked sweet when we brought the cake outside and ate it in the garden with lemonade and wafer cookies. I feel nostalgic for this cake now.

If you want something eye catching but minimal effort, this cake is for you! Let us know what you think in the comments!


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