woodland cake stand

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A few weeks ago I was walking Tucker outside and noticed some men with chainsaws cutting down this gorgeous old tree in front of our building. Like any normal person, I dragged my poor innocent golden retriever towards the chainsaws and charmed the maintenance workers into giving me my choice of some of the branches. You may be asking why. Well, once upon a time Fernanda found this pretty wood slice that I decided would be perfect for a cake stand to show off woodland themed cupcakes (my new obsession). But of course weeks went by and we couldn’t (by we I mean me. It was me. I’m picky.) find a base that would work. And I despaired of ever having a cake stand, until the chainsaws.

So, with some help from Tuck, who was committed to dragging the branch indoors for me, I lugged a big branch about three feet tall into our apartment…and hid it in the bathtub (because okay, bugs, right?). I let it dry out for a couple days. After finding some spray-can sealant in the storage room (I want to tell you what it was called but I threw the can out afterward. I know it was like a spray-paint glue) I sprayed the hell out of it in case there were bugs. But I got lucky and it was fine.

We used a mitre saw (I don’t know what that means, I just asked what it was called) to cut the branch down to a normal cake stand size. While we were at it I asked my dad (operating the saw) to cut some extra slices for coasters. Two birds, right?

woodland cake stand

Then I just used this wood glue to attach the base. I let it adhere for 24 hours with a heavy book on it, but that was likely overkill. It actually bonded incredibly well – it’s so strong!

woodland cake stand 2

This barely counts as a diy, but I wanted to share just to show you how easy it is to make your own cake stand, with zero money and sharp blades! You’re welcome 🙂

woodland cake stand final


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