bloodshed and breaches

shark week header

Okay, so first of all, the title of this post is the name I decided on for our Shark Week party this year. I am still laughing about that. I feel like if you aren’t avid shark week fans (and shame on you if you aren’t, just kidding apparently that’s rude) that’s confusing for you, but basically sharks are the most amazing thing ever. And when they jump out of the water it’s called a breach. It looks like this:


SO MAJESTIC. Anyways, my obsession with shark week has been known to surpass my holiday spirit. This year I decided to have a shark week themed pool party. And now I’m sharing because it was SO MUCH FUN.

shark week headerSo it is a sad truth that most of our little get togethers are mostly advertised through Facebook these days. Still, I can’t accept not making some sort of little invitation. So I made a cover photo for the event page and then a more stylized invite:

shark week party invite

My friend Lindsey (you may remember her from this post) made these sweet little cupcakes. You can find the toppers on Amazon here.

shark week cupcakes

We had mostly snacks since it was a pool party. I figured we’d order pizza but we actually ate so much it wasn’t a huge issue. And we made sangria that looked like blood. AMAZING. I’d give you a recipe but we just poured whatever we found in. It was the best ever.

We bought some blow up sharks and tossed them in the pool. I also bought some flutter boards at the dollarstore and painted them silver. I cut out giant shark fins from foam boards and painted those too, then hot glued them to the boards to float in the pool. It was so funny. I wish I had a picture but apparently I missed that part. Must have been the mystery sangria.

Lindsey is also super handy with knives. She cut this watermelon into a shark.

watermelon shark

And then, because I’m super creative and not at all weird (there may have been whispers), I suggested we use a big chunk of watermelon as a shark victim. I called it “the dead thing” all day. But it looked awesome.

shark week watermelon

Since it was outdoors we didn’t have many actual decorations. The pool was all decked out with shark themed toys so that added to the appeal, plus the food. But we did get some balloons! The idea was to string them all up around the pool and tape shark fins to them. The goal was also to get 36″ balloons. In reality, my friend Vicky was almost laughed out of the party store for asking for 6 of those giant balloons. Apparently you need a large truck for that. We ended up getting one giant one and then a few little ones. The shark fins were a cute touch though.

shark week balloonPlease note the shark fin on top. Amazing.

We also made jello shooters that were themed. It was the best part. We made them blue like the ocean and then let them set. When they were almost completely set I put a drop of red food colouring in so it sat on top and then shoved the paper shark fins in. It made the red spread out like blood. The blood theme is starting to seem weird but they were delicious.

shark week jello shots

Of course we also had to make nacho dip (you can revisit my love for that here) but I got inspired with some triangular tortilla chips to make little shark fins in that too.

shark week dip

We had a projector set up playing all the highlights from shark week, but we had so much fun sitting around by the pool on a Sunday afternoon I didn’t catch any of the shows.

Luckily I watched them all week. Otherwise that would have been tragic.

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