pink and stripes mani

Pink and stripes header

Happy monday! As you may have noticed from the header I was feeling like pink this weekend, something that doesn’t happen very often to me.  The whole time I was doing my nails I was thinking about how much Ashley would love this design seeing as they have two of her favorite things: pink and hearts. This mani is easy to do but does require a lot of patience. First you’ll start by painting your base coats,  the pink and the brown (or purple color according to James).


Once your nail polish has dried, and please make sure it is FULLY dried, you can begin to paint the stripes. I decided to do white stripes on the brown nail and used clear tape that I cut into thin stripes.


Once you have gotten a good coat of the white nail polish on begin removing the tape from the nail. Do this right away while the nail polish is still wet to avoid smudging.

Pink and stripes 3 image

You have to wait again until the white stripes are dry before you can add the finishing touch.  You see why I said before you’ll need lots of patience,  there is a lot of waiting for this mani but you don’t want to rush it and ruin the manicure half way through.  Always wait at least half an hour before doing a design with tape.


Apply your heart stencil,  or freehand it with a dotting tool.  Again remove the stencil right away before the nail polish dries.

image image

And that’s it,  a very pink and very cute mani!! Last tip make sure to use new tape for the other hand, I learned the hard way that little lesson and now my right hand stripes look a little more messy because of it.


Let us know what you think below 🙂

Ps, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for being such a great photographer. I was able to get some good action shots,  dontcha think?  🙂

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