flamingo cake topper

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Once upon a time I saw a picture of this BHLDN flamingo cake topper in a wedding shoot and fell in love. I love flamingos, and these were SO SWEET, but…they were also crazy expensive for just your everyday party, on like a zero budget. So I pined and I obsessed…and then decided I needed a way to make them myself. They seem pretty daunting, but I think I worked out the kinks enough to make them easy enough to DIY!

First of all, ignore how daunting this looks. You don’t really need half this stuff.

flamingo topper materials

What You Need:

  • large foam ball
  • wire (and wire cutters to save yourself)
  • Cloud Clay (I didn’t know what this was, but Victoria found it and it’s amazing. You can get it at the craft store, it looks like this.)
  • modelling clay (I bought a pack at the dollar store because I wanted the pink, but you could buy better stuff or dye your Cloud Clay)
  • pink paint (mine is from the dollar store)
  • faux flower petals in two shades (I chose a light and dark pink)
  • tissue paper
  • pink ribbon (this is optional, I used it for extra security but you could probably get away without it)
  • 2 skewers
  • glue gun & scissors

First of all, shape a length of wire into an ‘S’ shape, leaving the bottom part extra long. Poke that part through the foam ball and shove it through to form a small loop at the back (for the tail) and the ‘S’ shapes the neck.

flamingo topper step 1

Next, use your Cloud Clay to add some shape to the neck. Smooth the bottom of the clay over the foam ball so there is a base. The best part about this clay is that it stretches to pretty much whatever you need, so you don’t need a lot. I rolled and stretched mine into a tubular shape and then flattened it around the wire. For the head shape, create an oval shape and then pinch the end for a beak. You can manipulate the clay until it looks the way you want, it’s very forgiving and takes 24 hours to dry so you have time to work with it.

flamingo topper step 2

When it looks the way you like, set it aside for a day so you don’t risk smudging the clay while you work on the next part.

Once it’s completely dry (it will weigh considerably less and will be very foam-like to the touch) paint the whole thing. Don’t worry too much about it being perfect, you’ll cover everything up anyways, but it’s a good way to have any bald spots hidden later.

flamingo topper step 3This next step is optional, but I think if you find inexpensive ribbon (again, dollar store find for me) it’s worth it. It gives you a tighter shape for your next step, and it’s easier for the glue to adhere to. Add a dab of glue to the base of the neck and wrap the ribbon up the ‘S’ shape, adding glue as you go. Glue the top piece of the ribbon where the neck becomes the head.

flamingo topper step 4Next, cut your rose petals and tissue paper into fringe shapes. I cut them into rectangles first and then fringed them, but if you have thicker ribbon lying around that would work too. I didn’t, and wanted to cheap out a bit on materials.

flamingo topper step 5

I alternated gluing the fringe around the neck, with them lying in layers covering the top of the fringe below. This gave the neck a little “feathered” look without the cheapness of the feathers (don’t get me wrong, you COULD use feathers, I just didn’t like the look of any I found and the petals seemed so sweet).

flamingo topper step 6

flamingo topper step 7For the body, don’t worry about cutting the petals. Layering the two colours, add dots of glue around the base of the neck, moving towards the tail.

flamingo topper step 10

For the tail you can put some Cloud Clay on your loop of wire to form a base. I also used some to shape the head a bit more.

flamingo topper clay collageWhile your clay is drying, you can work on the legs. Paint your two skewers pink and use a little ball of pink modelling clay to form the knees. Stick the sharp ends into the foam ball.

flamingo topper flamingo legsPaint the head however you like, but I used pink paint with a small black eye and beak. You could add googley eyes or more ornate drawings if you prefer! Once your tail is dry you have this flat base for gluing your petals. I just layered mine in a relatively linear way to sort of resemble tail feathers. I covered the bottom of the tail too, but not in this picture so you could see what it looks like. Ignore that last petal, there was a minor Diet Coke problem. My bad.

flamingo topper step 13

And that’s it! It took a little while when you count drying times and stuff, but it wasn’t that difficult once I figured out how I wanted everything. And it looks so sweet, I have it on my desk in a little vase just for fun!

flamingo topper step 15

flamingo cake topper diy


mauve ombre mani

mauve ombre mani header

Happy Monday morning!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Did anyone go to any of the events from the weekender? I really wanted to go to the LCBO Taste Local pop up, there’s something about wine and pie that I can’t resist. I guess I will have to hope they are doing it again next year.

So now that it is officially fall, I will start doing a lot more autumn themed mani mondays. Fall colours are my favourite, so I am going to try to incorporate them into as many nail art posts as possible!! For this mani monday I wanted to try one of the colours that is very popular  for this fall season: mauve. I absolutely LOVE mauve, I think it is such a pretty colour and it can be transformed from day to night so easily.

This week I have taken on a mauve ombre using ESSIE “ladylike” and OPI “the world is not enough”. I think the transition from the light purple mauve into the dark sparkly metallic is absolutely adorable. And it’s super easy to do!

First you need to set out your the things you will need: your two nail polishes and a make-up sponge. I recently discovered the make-up sponge for doing the ombre nail design, it is so easy to use and pretty much fool proof.

mauve ombre mani (1)

Start by painting your lighter shade as your base colour. I did it this way because I wanted a lighter to darker look from top to bottom but you can switch it up!

mauve ombre mani (2)

Once your nail polish has dried you can start doing the ombre design. Add a little bit of the dark nail polish to the sponge and gently press the sponge onto the nail. You can re-apply as much as needed until you reach your desired look. I wanted the nail polish to come out very dark so I re-applied a couple of times.

Mauve Ombre Mani (4)

Now if you notice that you went a little too far up the nail with the dark colour do not worry! You can easily touch it up by adding a little of thee lighter colour. Remember it is supposed to look a little messy so play around until you find the look you want.

Mauve Ombre Mani (6)

And there you have it! Apply your top coat and you are ready to go!! What do you think? Will you be trying out this mauve ombre nail art?

Let us know what other fall nail design you want to see!

the party girl does blogpodium

blogpodium header

The Party Girl wines and dines (or at least, we drank tea and networked) at BlogPodium 2014!

This past weekend we attended BlogPodium, a conference for bloggers held annually in Toronto. This year’s event was at the Fairmont Royal York, and amidst all those gorgeous rooms and stunning chandeliers, we got to meet some incredible people, attend some valuable workshops, and hear some killer speakers. It was easily the best decision we’ve ever made, and we can’t wait to put some of the things we learned into The Party Girl. Hopefully that means we make things even more fun around here, and we get more opportunities to engage with the blogging community here in Toronto.

In the meantime, while we’re making friends and influencing people in the blogosphere, here’s what we learned at BlogPodium.

photo 2

1. Be serious, but don’t take yourself so seriously.

At the end of the day, we started The Party Girl because it was fun. We genuinely love crestings posts about recipes, diy projects, or party ideas because those are the things we’re interested in. And if there is a way to do the stuff we like and share it with people who like the same things, why wouldn’t we? There’s so much pressure out there to have super high metrics and to make your blog make money for you, and those things are great, but so is having someone you’ve never met before tell you they love what you’re doing, and share ideas with those strangers. That’s why we’re here, right?


2. Be bold, but be yourself.

We would love to learn more about companies and the products their launching, especially for entertaining. We are constantly having parties and get togethers (where do you think all those cakes go?) and it’s fun to find new ways to make each get together special. There are so many brands out there who have super cool ideas, and to partner with them to show people how they can celebrate everyday moments would be amazing. But those opportunities aren’t going to just appear. We need to figure out who we want to hang out with, why, and then get out there! And at the end of the day, be genuine. If you wouldn’t actually use something with your friends, why tell your online friends to try it?

FlowPhotoBlogPodium-104-XL-2 FlowPhotoBlogPodium-125-L

3. We kill it in craft workshops.

While Fernanda was being an adult and learning about something productive, Victoria and I snuck off like guilty children and made these kick ass little guys. Mines better. JUST KIDDING. Victoria was very adventurous and used an iron and I just coloured like a kid for the whole workshop, but it was SO MUCH FUN. Mine’s hanging beside my desk right now and it’s a) super cute and b) a great reminder of a day we got to spend hanging out with creative, inspiring people who are all as obsessed with blogging as we are (and we are seriously short of those people in real life)!


It was also so fun to meet and learn from Robin and Shannon from Hoopla Event Design & Styling. We’ve been big fans of theirs on social media since before we even decided to start a blog (coming from our events background for sure!) and it was inspiring to get to see all their creativity in person. Some iron on glitter decals and a Cricut machine later, we have some new role models!



4. Live in the moment.

We could obsess over what we’re going to blog about next week, or next month, or next year, and we could worry about whether people like us, whether we’re cool (spoiler alert, we probably aren’t haha), whether we’re creative enough or interesting enough for readers, or a lot more things (trust me, we could). But we have other things to try not to obsess about, and honestly our best work is when we’re just being authentic and playing with it. We are learning new things literally every day, with each post and comment and share and follower, and that’s incredible. Enjoy everything you have right now, now.

This can be expanded to say when you go to something amazing and fun, have ALL THE FUN YOU CAN.

photo 1

5. We are adorable.

Because: this photo Victoria obsessed over getting (including some furtive looks across the room and some pressing reminders we were “here to network”) just kidding it was worth it.

6. Create everything, all the time.

I can’t explain enough how inspiring it is to spend a Saturday (minus the early wake up call and the walk in the rain, excuse our appearances in these photos PLEASE) with some of the most talented and creative people out their in our community. These ladies are so fascinating, regardless of what stage they’re at with their blogs. We met people who were thinking about starting a blog and people who were veterans, and everybody had the same energy and personality. We went home – slept for 12 hours – and then made like five different projects on Sunday. We were machines. We drank the BlogPodium creative Kool Aid. But honestly, it reminds you to make time to just brainstorm and think about all the things you’re inspired about, and then remember you have a TON of women out there who want to encourage and support you, and then DO ALL THE THINGS YOU WANT.

When you’re in surroundings like these, how can you not want to make something pretty?

photo 3 FlowPhotoBlogPodium-10-L FlowPhotoBlogPodium-2-LTo summarize, we had THE BEST TIME at BlogPodium. We definitely came out of it ready to hit the ground running. Did you make it to the event this year? What did you think?!

Let’s talk about it.

Let’s get brunch.

Let’s like, hang out sometime 😉

the weekender: september 26 – 28

Things To Do In Toronto This Weekend

Clear your schedules, it’s time for things to do in Toronto this weekend!

It’s Wednesday, and that means we’re filling your social calendar for the weekend with a list of the events we’re excited about in the city this weekend. If you’re looking for things to do in Toronto with your friends and family, you need to read on.

Midnight MRKT

Midnight MRKT

This market is basically one of my favourite things in Toronto, and we hard ever get there these days. This Friday Midnight MRKT returns after summer break at 2nd Floor Events from 9pm-1am, featuring music, baked goods, delicious treats, amazing vendors, and of course some late night shopping. Get more details on their Facebook Page here.

ETSY Made in Canada Pop Up

ETSY Made in Canada Pop Up Market

Handmade is pretty much my favourite part of life, so I always keep an eye out for ETSY events in Toronto. This Saturday, September 27th, you can hit their popup market at MaRS Discovery District (101 College St) from 10-4. Shop local and support locally made goods (so in other words, buy gorgeous stuff and feel good about it)! Check out their lookbook and get psyched about the event here. To find more about the market go to the event page here.

Toronto Antique and Vintage Market

Toronto Antique and Vintage Market

The new Toronto Antique & Vintage Market is the best in antiques, vintage & retro all in one venue! You can find amazing decor ideas, one-of-a-kinds, retro kitchenware (the best kind), vintage designer handbags(!!!), accent pieces, jewellery and more, so you’d be crazy to miss it. Check it out this Saturday & Sunday at the Queen Elizabeth Building at the Exhibition Place. Get details on times, admission, and a discount price here.

Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show

Canada Baking and Sweets Show

In case you don’t understand how jacked I am about this, it’s a trade show for BAKING and SWEETS. Those are my two favourite things, and you get to watch other people do it (that’s like the equivalent of a spa weekend for me, I could watch Food Network for days) and sample everything like I can’t get over it. The show is happening all weekend at the Toronto Congress Centre and features demonstrations by pro bakers (!!!) on topics like vegan baking, Cake Boss Cakes (!!!!!!), the Wonut, and classes for kids! My excitement level is at a new high. Get details on their website here.

Walk to End Canine Cancer

Walk to End Canine Cancer

This Saturday is the second annual Walk to End Canine Cancer, sponsored by Smiling Blue Skies Rescue. Victoria volunteered at the event last year and said it was so much fun – as well as very moving. There was a “Blessing of the Dogs” which she was skeptical about but was actually really nice. Registration starts at 10am and the walk starts at noon – it’s amazing to see hundreds of dogs walking in one pack together! There’s a silent auction, a bunch of games, and a huge park for pet owners to mingle and play with their dogs! The event takes place at Kew Gardens, which is the park next to Kew Beach. Get some sponsors and/or some fellow pet lovers and bring your dogs down to help a wonderful cause! More details here.


And that’s it! Obviously we try to find all the cool things happening in Toronto but there is always SO MUCH to choose from, and I’m sure we miss some goodies. If you have something you think we should be at this weekend, leave it in the comments! We love checking out neat events (yes I said neat, I’m 90 years old inside).

Happy weekend planning!

diy blue sky umbrella

How to make some sunshine on even the rainiest days!

DIY a little rainy season sunshine!

Obviously if you live in Toronto you’ve noticed that “summer” (what? summer? when?) has made way for a pretty rainy fall. It SNOWED in places in Canada last week. SNOWED. And I mean like Canadian metropolises, not some obscure Arctic village in the territories, an URBAN CITY woke up to enough snow to break out the shovels. In September. It’s enough to break your heart – unless, of course you love fall. Which, full confession, I do.

Fall is my favourite season. I love everything about fall, the leaves, the outfits, the comfortable knits and the spicy candles at the store again, the baristas don’t judge you for ordering hot drinks, you aren’t too hot to make real meals anymore, the list goes on.

And I love rain. When I’m inside and reading a book and listening to 8tracks and burning a candle and rain is hitting the window it’s amazing. When I’m outside in what is essentially a hurricane and my ballet flats are ruined and I have to go to the mall for an emergency shopping spree to buy an entire new outfit because my clothes are soaked through and I have to work? Yeah, not so much.

That’s why we came up with this project to bring a little of that summer sunshine to those gray rainy days! Give that boring black umbrella a makeover so you can enjoy some blue sky – even when the rain gets you down.

diy blue sky umbrella and hunter boots graphic


  • blue paint
  • white paint
  • sponge brush
  • painting brush
  • umbrella (we got ours at Target for about $10 – it’s huge and inexpensive, perfect for crafting!)

The Process

There are a few different ways to go about this project, and we tried a couple different techniques. Using the trial and error method, we can narrow it down to two options:

1) Fabric paint – this is completed valid, but it didn’t have very good coverage on the vinyl black of the umbrella

2) Craft paint – amazing coverage, but doesn’t dry very flexibly which creates problems when you want to open and close the umbrella.

We settled for a combination of the two. We used the fabric paint first and realized it wasn’t going to cover the black solidly enough.

diy blue sky umbrella fabric paint

However it did create a flexible base that we could put craft paint on top of. I don’t know if the makers of fabric paint meant for it to act that way, but it totally works. Using white craft paint we “primed” the sections of the umbrella.

diy blue sky umbrella primer

After the white dried, we used the blue paint. It only took two coats to get this gorgeous sky blue.

diy blue sky umbrella sky blue paint

I think when you’re crafting you should always use the antique dining set your grandmother gave you. It’s a great size and clearly versatile for all kinds of projects. She maybe wouldn’t agree.

After your blue is dry, use the sponge brush to sponge on white clouds. I made some pretty big abstract clouds, but you could also do a bunch of small ones or go for a more patterned look with a stenciled pattern approach. I think it’s pretty no matter what you do (but maybe I’m biased).

Once everything is dry, give the whole thing a coat of waterproof clear spray paint. I don’t remember what mine was called, but it’s just from the hardware store. I’m sure craft stores have them too. Don’t underestimate this step: I’ve taken my umbrella out in some torrential downpours (see the header for this post, where I drag Justin and Tucker to the beach for what can only be described as “swimming in air – next level rain”) and I’ve never had an issue with the paint coming off. It cracks a little here and there (because of the craft paint) but nothing that noticeable, especially if you aren’t up super close. If you know of a high quality fabric paint then go ahead and use that instead!

umbrella diy final

I actually love the way it turned out. I’m so happy with it, and it definitely makes me smile every time I look up in the rain and see my own patch of blue sky!

fall 2014 nail polish colours

fall nail polish header

Good morning!

We hope everyone had an incredible weekend, cause we know we did. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook then you know that this past saturday we were at BlogPodium. For those of you that don’t know, BlogPodium is a conference for design and lifestyle bloggers and it takes place right here in Toronto. We were so thrilled to attend this amazing event, where we got the chance to learn from some of the top bloggers in Canada and network with people from the industry. We came out of the conference with so many ideas for The Party Girl and we can’t wait to share them with you!

I especially got some great ideas for the Mani Monday post. Ever since we started doing a mani post, I have wanted to branch out from nail art and incorporate other things related to nails, such as how to care for your nails, best tools to use, etc. One of the topics that I really wanted to blog about was season trends! Just like fashion changes every season, so do the trends in nail polish colours and we want to make sure you stay in the loop! So today I’m posting my 5 favourite colour trends for this fall. There’s so many options and cool shades this season and I can’t wait to try them all!!


fall nail polish, maroon nail colour, ESSIE nail polish

deep blue nail polish, blue nail colour, fall nails

Nude nail polis, OPI polish, neutral nail color


grey nail polish, MARS nail polish, neutral nail colour

metallic nail polish, gold nail polish, ESSIE nail polish, shiny nails,

What colours did you like the most? I have to say that I’m a little partial to the nude shades this fall season, something about them seems so classy and I love that they go with every outfit! 🙂 Let us know what nail polishes you’ll be wearing!

friday faves: september 19


Happy Friday! We are exhausted after a long week, but there’s an even busier weekend to rest up for. Before we rest up, here’s what we loved this week:

friday faves sept 1 ffs 2 ffs31. These delicious (and pretty) raspberry almond cream cheese danishes from Thirty Handmade Days

2. These sweet pastel cookies, perfect for Sunday brunch snacks from Good Housekeeping

3. These adorable Trick or Treat cupcake toppers for Halloween from Oh Happy Day

4. This gorgeous, super classic diy idea for decorating your pumpkins this year from Better Homes and Gardens

5. These creative – and of course, tasty! – pumpkin-esque thai spiced devilled eggs from Tadka Pasta 


And that’s it! Aren’t they all so fun? Fall is the best time for decorating and crafting, and I love all those dessert ideas. I think there’s another baking day in our future.

Happy weekend!