hamburger cupcakes

hamburger cupcake headerSo I am legit concerned I may have a fascination with making desserts shaped like dinner. I already got a huge kick out of the burger and fries cookies we made a little while ago, and when I found some mini forks at the dollar store I immediately wanted to try out the classic hamburger cupcake project. These littles guys are certainly not new, but hopefully seeing how easy they are to make will inspire you to give them a try for your long weekend barbecues…just in time for back to school. Oh, my heart.

ANYWAYS, here’s how you can make these little hamburger cupcakes.

First step, make a batch of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. I’ve heard of people using brownies instead of chocolate cupcakes. I can’t think of a single reason why that isn’t an equally good choice, but I used cupcakes because it seemed easier to bite into, and I was worried the brownies would weigh the lower “bun” down too much. Honestly unless you’re prone to rock-like brownies that’s probably a super illegitimate concern.

Once you have your cupcakes, proceed like this:

hamburger cupcake step 1

If that graphic is confusing, you basically cut your vanilla cupcakes in half and your chocolate ones into thirds. That’s it. You’re welcome.

Next, you get to decorate them like a burger. I went the classic route with lettuce, tomato (or ketchup, for some reason I insisted on calling it tomato but honestly ketchup makes more sense consistency wise) and mustard. You can get creative with yellow fondant for “cheese” (with holes for swiss would be hilarious!) and green-tinted shaved coconut for lettuce, but I hate both those things so I wasn’t into to it. The point is you can customize this project however you like.

hamburger cupcakes 2

I spread the “mustard” on the bottom bun so I had a way to attach the burger “patty”. Make sure you put that down (a slice of the chocolate cupcake) right away because if your icing starts to harden it won’t stick together, and everything sort of falls all over the place.

hamburger cupcakes step 3

Next I put some “letucce” on top of the patty. This was a huge pain because it got super crumby, so I ended up putting the rest of the cupcake pieces into the fridge while I was assembling them two at a time. I think next time I’ll just leave them there for awhile because if they were a little more firm it would have saved a lot of time.

hamburger cupcakes step 4

The best part about these cupcakes is that while they look time consuming they’re actually super easy. There is no art to spreading different coloured icing on top of each other. It took like twenty minutes to make two dozen of these guys.

hamburger cupcakes step 5

For the top “bun”, I mixed some lemon extract and water and spread it on top to act as a glue for the brown sprinkles I used for “sesame seeds”. I think if you were into it you could just as easily use real sesame seeds, but I hate those so I stuck with the brown sprinkles. They still looked cute!

hamburger cupcake final

And there you have it! These were a huge hit. They were super easy to make AND eat, and the looked perfect for a summer get together. Try them out yourself this weekend and let us know how it goes!



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