mauve and purple mani

mauve & purple header

Happy monday!

Wow it feel like forever since I have done a mani monday post! I’m sure you guys have missed me too. No worries I am back for good until another holiday comes in the way.

Now that september has started I have eagerly and reluctantly began to look for more fall mani ideas for the blog. Don’t get me wrong I love fall, it is probably my favourite season of the year, except I can’t help but think how much closer we are getting to the dreaded winter to come. But still, seasons will change and we must move along.

As I was looking for fall inspiration I found an inverted french mani done with nude and black that I absolutely loved. I have been thinking of doing a french mani on here for a while but I knew that I wanted to do something special with it. So when I found the inverted french mani I just had to try it. Instead of doing nude and black, I used mauve and dark purple. I loved the contrast between the colours and I especially using a purple instead of black, I don’t know why but I find black a little too dark for me.

So here is the mauve and purple mani (I apologize for the name, I could not come up with anything better)

Start by painting your lighter colour as the base.

step 1


Once the nail polish has fully dried (I usually wait an hour or so to be safe) apply the tape to form the inverted french mani. I used two pieces of tape together to make both sides of the traingle looking shape match. Make sure to place the tape right down the middle of the nail otherwise it’ll look crooked.

step 2.1

Now paint your dark colour over the part of the nail that has been left exposed and take the tape off before letting the nail polish dry. inv

step 3

Repeat with the rest of the nails and this is what you get!

step 4.1


Originally I was just going to leave it like that but I noticed some streaks and lines that were not as even as I would like. So what better way to cover it up than with dots! Do them right on the edge of the line to cover any uneven spots. TIP: start the dots from the middle and work your way to the sides, this way you can make sure the dots look even. 

step 5

And there you go! I love this nail design because it looks elegant and yet it’s very simple to do. To make it fancier you can replace the dark purple with a gold or silver!

Now scroll down and let us know what you think of this week’s mani! AFTER your nails dry of course 🙂




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