mani monday: linear blues

linear blues header

Hello party girls! Happy monday! Can you believe the amazing weather we’ve been having this week, I have been LOVING the warm temperatures. I spent the entire afternoon soaking up the sun and it was amazing.

This week we are doing a very simple nail design. As you know I really like doing simple and quick nail art, especially now with the crazy and hectic fall schedule. So when I got this idea for this mani I thought it was perfect for any girls out there looking for an easy and cute nail design. This week’s mani monday is linear blues! (thanks Ashley for the name for this post, I was struggling to find a cute name)

For this nail design you will need metallic blue, turqouise and white nail polish. Preferably you will use a thin brush white nail polish but if you don’t own one or can’t find one you can use thin stripping brush and regular white nail polish.

linear blues 1

First paint your base colour with the metallic blue. I love this colour, it is so trendy right now for fall.

linear blues 2

Next add the turquoise accent. This part is super simple, just paint one thick line down the middle of the nail.You may have to do two coats of this depending on your nail polish.

linear blues 3

Finally you’ll add the white stripes on both sides of the turquoise stripe.

linear blues 4.1

And that’s it! Add your top coat and you are done the linear blues mani!


Let us know what you think of this nail design on the comments below 🙂


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