friday faves: november 14

friday faves-2

It’s time for our #FridayFaves roundup!

As always, Friday means it’s time to share our favourite things from the Internet this week, and let me tell you, there’s a LOT of stunners out there – hard to pick just five!

Here’s what we loved this week:

friday faves 1 friday faves 2 friday faves 3

1. The most amazing machine in the world, a cupcake ATM.

2. This gorgeous cake, and more photos from this pretty modern palette from The Frosted Petticoat.

3. This clever and classic looking popcorn bar from Lark & Linen.

4. Another popcorn bar (clearly I’m obsessed!), this time a gorgeous gourmet one by calligraphy pros, featured on The Perfect Palette.

5. This adorable and super-fun superhero birthday cake from Queen of Bees.

And that’s it! Nothing like some pretty inspiration to jump start your weekend!


the party girl does blogpodium

blogpodium header

The Party Girl wines and dines (or at least, we drank tea and networked) at BlogPodium 2014!

This past weekend we attended BlogPodium, a conference for bloggers held annually in Toronto. This year’s event was at the Fairmont Royal York, and amidst all those gorgeous rooms and stunning chandeliers, we got to meet some incredible people, attend some valuable workshops, and hear some killer speakers. It was easily the best decision we’ve ever made, and we can’t wait to put some of the things we learned into The Party Girl. Hopefully that means we make things even more fun around here, and we get more opportunities to engage with the blogging community here in Toronto.

In the meantime, while we’re making friends and influencing people in the blogosphere, here’s what we learned at BlogPodium.

photo 2

1. Be serious, but don’t take yourself so seriously.

At the end of the day, we started The Party Girl because it was fun. We genuinely love crestings posts about recipes, diy projects, or party ideas because those are the things we’re interested in. And if there is a way to do the stuff we like and share it with people who like the same things, why wouldn’t we? There’s so much pressure out there to have super high metrics and to make your blog make money for you, and those things are great, but so is having someone you’ve never met before tell you they love what you’re doing, and share ideas with those strangers. That’s why we’re here, right?


2. Be bold, but be yourself.

We would love to learn more about companies and the products their launching, especially for entertaining. We are constantly having parties and get togethers (where do you think all those cakes go?) and it’s fun to find new ways to make each get together special. There are so many brands out there who have super cool ideas, and to partner with them to show people how they can celebrate everyday moments would be amazing. But those opportunities aren’t going to just appear. We need to figure out who we want to hang out with, why, and then get out there! And at the end of the day, be genuine. If you wouldn’t actually use something with your friends, why tell your online friends to try it?

FlowPhotoBlogPodium-104-XL-2 FlowPhotoBlogPodium-125-L

3. We kill it in craft workshops.

While Fernanda was being an adult and learning about something productive, Victoria and I snuck off like guilty children and made these kick ass little guys. Mines better. JUST KIDDING. Victoria was very adventurous and used an iron and I just coloured like a kid for the whole workshop, but it was SO MUCH FUN. Mine’s hanging beside my desk right now and it’s a) super cute and b) a great reminder¬†of a day we got to spend hanging out with creative, inspiring people who are all as obsessed with blogging as we are (and we are seriously short of those people in real life)!


It was also so fun to meet and learn from Robin and Shannon from Hoopla Event Design & Styling. We’ve been big fans of theirs on social media since before we even decided to start a blog (coming from our events background for sure!) and it was inspiring to get to see all their creativity in person. Some iron on glitter decals and a Cricut machine later, we have some new role models!



4. Live in the moment.

We could obsess over what we’re going to blog about next week, or next month, or next year, and we could worry about whether people like us, whether we’re cool (spoiler alert, we probably aren’t haha), whether we’re creative enough or interesting enough for readers, or a lot more things (trust me, we could). But we have other things to try not to obsess about, and honestly our best work is when we’re just being authentic and playing with it. We are learning new things literally every day, with each post and comment and share and follower, and that’s incredible. Enjoy everything you have right now, now.

This can be expanded to say when you go to something amazing and fun, have ALL THE FUN YOU CAN.

photo 1

5. We are adorable.

Because: this photo Victoria obsessed over getting (including some furtive looks across the room and some pressing reminders we were “here to network”) just kidding it was worth it.

6. Create everything, all the time.

I can’t explain enough how inspiring it is to spend a Saturday (minus the early wake up call and the walk in the rain, excuse our appearances in these photos PLEASE) with some of the most talented and creative people out their in our community. These ladies are so fascinating, regardless of what stage they’re at with their blogs. We met people who were thinking about starting a blog and people who were veterans, and everybody had the same energy and personality. We went home – slept for 12 hours – and then made like five different projects on Sunday. We were machines. We drank the BlogPodium creative Kool Aid. But honestly, it reminds you to make time to just brainstorm and think about all the things you’re inspired about, and then remember you have a TON of women out there who want to encourage and support you, and then DO ALL THE THINGS YOU WANT.

When you’re in surroundings like these, how can you not want to make something pretty?

photo 3 FlowPhotoBlogPodium-10-L FlowPhotoBlogPodium-2-LTo summarize, we had THE BEST TIME at BlogPodium. We definitely came out of it ready to hit the ground running. Did you make it to the event this year? What did you think?!

Let’s talk about it.

Let’s get brunch.

Let’s like, hang out sometime ūüėČ

friday faves: september 19


Happy Friday! We are exhausted after a long week, but there’s an even busier weekend to rest up for. Before we rest up, here’s what we loved this week:

friday faves sept 1 ffs 2 ffs31. These delicious (and pretty) raspberry almond cream cheese danishes from Thirty Handmade Days

2. These sweet pastel cookies, perfect for Sunday brunch snacks from Good Housekeeping

3. These adorable Trick or Treat cupcake toppers for Halloween from Oh Happy Day

4. This gorgeous, super classic diy idea for decorating your pumpkins this year from Better Homes and Gardens

5. These creative Рand of course, tasty! Рpumpkin-esque thai spiced devilled eggs from Tadka Pasta 


And that’s it! Aren’t they all so fun? Fall is the best time for decorating and crafting, and I love all those dessert ideas. I think there’s another baking day in our future.

Happy weekend!

friday faves: august 22

header friday favesHappy Friday my darlings. Can we side note briefly to address that as I wrote that my mind automatically went to this movie:


I know why but also I don’t know why. I just wanted share.

ANYWAYS, here’s what we loved this week:

friday faves 1



friday faves 2



friday faves 3

1. This pretty (and personal!) diy confetti from Femme Fraiche

2. This adorable Fantastic Mr. Fox themed birthday for the sweetest little boy on 100 Layer Cakelet

3. These easy diy treat boxes from Make And Tell, perfect for sharing some goodies with your besties, and customizing for any party!

4. This stunning Mid-Summer Night’s Dream inspired wedding cake from Rosalind Miller

5. This gorgeous rustic wedding with the perfect touch of elegance from Rock My Wedding


I’m still swooning over these finds. I think Friday Faves is my new fave thing. Have a great week Party Girls!



friday faves: august 15

header friday faves

We spend our week surrounded by some amazing and talented social media peers, and it seems unfair to not share some of the projects we’ve found on our hunt for cool recipes, products, and events for inspiration. We get to showcase some of our favourite bloggers and party-planners on social media, but it’s so hard to showcase everybody, and they all deserve to be recognized for how beautiful they’re making every day!

That’s why we decided on a new special series called “Friday Faves”. Every Friday we’ll share a little round up of what inspired us all week, and give you the chance to head to their blogs to check them out. It’s only fair for you to be as in love with them as we are, after all.

So for the first faves post, here’s what we love this week:

friday faves 1

friday faves 2

friday fave 3

1. These crazy amazing delicious sinful Raspberry Peach Sorbet + Kombucha Floats from Edible Perspective

2. This adorable and mega-fun looking Banana Split Cake from an equally sweet photoshoot on Style Me Pretty

3. The pretty styling genius of this sorbet coloured dessert table at the anniversary party for Minted & Vintage

4. This delicious new breakfast bar idea that might need to be a feature in all my mornings ever, a bagel bar with tasty toppings from 100 Layer Cakelet

5. This super creative idea for serving some (healthy-ish!) summer treats in a pineapple boat from The House That Lars Built


Get inspired with some of these ideas and give one a try! Happy weekend!

father’s day printable

printable header.jpg

So if you’ve been following us on social media (and you should because our Facebook page is a treasure trove of party ideas, we do all the Pinterest hunting for you!) you’ve noticed we are BIG on saving our Hallmark dollars and printing our gifts this year.

With Father’s Day around the corner I decided to make a little card to show my dad how much I appreciate him suffering¬†enjoying twenty three years of raising the girliest child on the planet. I’m sure when he was blessed with two more daughters shortly after seeing one through prom season he¬†wished for death was ecstatic for all the memories he got to revisit.

I thought this printable was the perfect way to thank dad for stoically surviving the trials and tribulations of being the male parent to the bewildering whims of a girl child, and give him some laughs.

And of course why not share the fun with you guys?! If you’re a girly girl, Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to sympathize with all those years your dad pretended to understand the difference between coral and blush nail polish (don’t lie dad, you still say orange and beige) and this card is the perfect fit for you!

Get the download here:¬†Father’s Day Card

Father's Day Card .jpg

Having trouble downloading? Try right clicking and opening the link in a new tab ūüôā

Enjoy, and tell us something funny about your dad in the comments!

carnival cocktails

thirsty thursday - carnival

We’ve had a busy couple weeks at the Party Girl, but with everything going on behind the scenes we wanted to share some of the fun we’ve been having away from the computer, especially when that fun means collecting some super fun (and easy!) cocktail ideas to share with friends!

I was super lucky to work with a talented friend developing a carnival-themed beverage menu for a project recently, and we got to play with some old school crafts and make this fun backdrop for our beverage station. And since we were already doing all that cocktail research, why not share some of our favourites for throwing your own carnival (or circus!) themed party?

Plus today is Thursday, so why not start a mini-tradition and share some Thirsty Thursday inspired recipes for winding down after a long week?!

We won’t bore you with all the reasons why they’re carnival themed (it involves a lot of weird stuff about flavours and taste buds and pairings) but the names are cute and the recipes are delicious so just enjoy!

#1 The Bearded Lady



















We stumbled across this gorgeous little recipe on A Cozy Kitchen  and instantly were awed by that stunning presentation, and then we saw chamomile and bourbon and fell in love.

You will need: 

6 chamomile tea bags
32 fluid ounces (4 cups) hot water
4 tablespoons honey
3 fluid ounces whiskey or bourbon
2 orange slices
3 lemon slices
Fresh chamomile flowers (optional)

Boil your water and pour it over your tea bags in a large container. Your life will be a lot easier if you have a jug with a pour spout. Add honey and bourbon and let it all steep for a bit (until you get the colour/strength you prefer). Shake everything in a shaker and pour into super cute mason jars (or whatever you’d like!) and garnish with fresh chamomile flowers to show off to all your friends!























#2 The Acrobat



How stunning is this super simple cocktail from Mirabelle Creations, PERFECT for a carnival party? Combine¬†the classic carnival snack of cotton candy ¬†with some Barefoot Bubbly Prosecco for a crisp and inviting sparkling taste and a fun candy-sweet finish!¬†And it’s so easy! Just pour the champagne over your cotton candy and watch the magic happen! These cute little cocktails are just begging for some gold garnish, like the washi tape stems pictured above, or make some glitter stir sticks and serve!



And how sweet are those watercolour and calligraphy name cards? The whole thing is just perfect for a girls night, carnival theme or not!

#3 The Midway Mixer


Every party needs some non-alcoholic options for the DD, and this perfect little mocktail¬†smoothie¬†from Nosh My Way is delicious AND adorable! It’s a velvety blend of pur√©ed strawberries, pineapple juice, a splash of club soda, and a light topping of whipped cream, so basically it’s the best kind of smoothie ever. Plus the colour comes out super bold and gorgeous, so it would look great with some circus themed black and white paper straws and highball glasses!

Want to make them even better? Why not try making some gold tinsel stir sticks like these New Years champagne stirrers!? They look so chic below but paired with some fun circus straws and that bright fruity red, I bet they’d be just as great!


So that’s that! Three of our favourite cocktail/mocktails to try yourself over the weekend and brighten your day!

We have some exciting projects coming up next week for Easter (think pretty decor and yummy treats!) but there are even bigger changes coming to the Party Girl soon so I hope you’re following us on this adventure!