introducing: the party box

Introducing The Party Box Header

We may have hinted at a big announcement a little while ago, but we’ve been crazy busy getting our first boxes out just in time for the first official party of fall: Halloween! We are SO excited to say that we’ve launched two Party Boxes in our Shop this week, and we’re offering them ON SALE for 50% OFF (actually my favourite words ever) as a special launch deal. To make it even sweeter, we’re giving you a sneak peek to see what each Party Box looks like all set up, AND give you some behind the scenes posts for the rest of the month!

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Halloween, but the most common are adult costume parties with fun drinks, gory puns (my specialty) and some solid scare tactics AND kid friendly parties that appeal to the inner ghoul in all your littles without giving them nightmares (ask my mom how many Halloween parties I ruined with horrible dreams about brains for dinner, I’m the worst). So we wanted to give people the option for either, a grown up party or a little fun pre-Trick or Treat time dinner for the kids.

Halloween Box - Adult 3 Halloween Box - Adult 2 invitation close up spider eggs close up wine bottle labels

Included in the adultParty Box:

– 12 tall “Vampire Blood” glasses
– 12 cocktail “Poison No. 9” glasses
– 24 black and white straws
– 12 black paper dinner plates
– 24 gray cocktail napkins
– 12 vampire fang napkin holders
– 12 blank table tent cards (available blank or customized, please contact us directly about customizing your box)
– 6 “Family Portraits” for backdrop
– 1 black mesh hanging for backdrop
– 1 black “Lace Spiderweb” tablecloth
– 2 “Skull & Bones” candlesticks
– 12 “Skeleton Hand” favour bags w/ black ribbons
– 24 cupcake liners
– 24 “Spider Leg” food picks
– 5 wine bottle “Potion Labels”
– 6 “Arachnid” cupcake holders
– 1 plastic “Lab Rat”
– 1 “Witch’s Cauldron”
– 1 “Black Raven”
– 1 “Spider Chandelier”
– 1 invitation (available customized with your details and can be printed or emailed as a PDF)
– plus recipe and project cards to help you plan your Halloween menu!

favours spider cupcake holders bloody cups

halloween party box adult cocktail glasses

The best part is that not only can we give you a party delivered right to your door, but we can customize it with you too, so add little details (say if you want menus or signage) or adjust the quantity for your guest list. So not only do you get the party, but you get the party planner too!

hallowee kid box haLLOWEEN KID BOX INVITE KID favour bags

Included in the kid-friendly Party Box:

– 12 “Jack O Lantern” cups with straws
– 12 tall “Ghostly Images” glasses
– 24 black and orange straws
– 12 black paper dinner plates
– 24 cartoon napkins
– 12 vampire fang napkin holders
– 12 blank table tent cards (available blank or customized, please contact us directly about customizing your box)
– orange “Something Batty” backdrop
– 1 black “Lace Spiderweb” tablecloth
– 2 “Skull & Bones” candlesticks
– 12 “Spider’s Web” favour bags (come pre-prepared with 1 pencil, 1 eraser, 1 stamp, 1 lollypop, 1 sticker page, 1 spiky bouncey ball, 1 bubble container, and 1 spider ring, all Halloween themed)
– 12 “Eyeball” and “Rat” gummies in canvas bags
– 24 cupcake liners
– 24 “Spider Leg” food picks
– 5 bottle “Potion Labels”
– 1 “Haunted Mansion” cupcake stand
– 1 plastic “Lab Rat”
– 1 “Witch’s Cauldron”
– 1 “Black Raven”
– 1 orange, yellow and black tissue garland with skull accent
– 1 invitation (available customized with your details and can be printed or emailed as a PDF)
– plus, again, recipe and project cards to help you with menu planning!

pumpkin sippers

mummy bites witch fingers witch hats

The best part is we’re going to share how we made some of the goodies you’ve seen in this sneak peak, so not only do you get a detailed look but you get some inside information on how to make these Halloween snacks!

Check back with us often, we’ll be adding more Party Box themes as we go. AND, we’re offering a completely customized option as well, so if you have a party idea in mind we can build a box specifically for you! It’s the best of both worlds.

What do you think? Can you think of a time you could have benefited from having a Pinterest-worthy party in a box show up at your door?


the party girl does blogpodium

blogpodium header

The Party Girl wines and dines (or at least, we drank tea and networked) at BlogPodium 2014!

This past weekend we attended BlogPodium, a conference for bloggers held annually in Toronto. This year’s event was at the Fairmont Royal York, and amidst all those gorgeous rooms and stunning chandeliers, we got to meet some incredible people, attend some valuable workshops, and hear some killer speakers. It was easily the best decision we’ve ever made, and we can’t wait to put some of the things we learned into The Party Girl. Hopefully that means we make things even more fun around here, and we get more opportunities to engage with the blogging community here in Toronto.

In the meantime, while we’re making friends and influencing people in the blogosphere, here’s what we learned at BlogPodium.

photo 2

1. Be serious, but don’t take yourself so seriously.

At the end of the day, we started The Party Girl because it was fun. We genuinely love crestings posts about recipes, diy projects, or party ideas because those are the things we’re interested in. And if there is a way to do the stuff we like and share it with people who like the same things, why wouldn’t we? There’s so much pressure out there to have super high metrics and to make your blog make money for you, and those things are great, but so is having someone you’ve never met before tell you they love what you’re doing, and share ideas with those strangers. That’s why we’re here, right?


2. Be bold, but be yourself.

We would love to learn more about companies and the products their launching, especially for entertaining. We are constantly having parties and get togethers (where do you think all those cakes go?) and it’s fun to find new ways to make each get together special. There are so many brands out there who have super cool ideas, and to partner with them to show people how they can celebrate everyday moments would be amazing. But those opportunities aren’t going to just appear. We need to figure out who we want to hang out with, why, and then get out there! And at the end of the day, be genuine. If you wouldn’t actually use something with your friends, why tell your online friends to try it?

FlowPhotoBlogPodium-104-XL-2 FlowPhotoBlogPodium-125-L

3. We kill it in craft workshops.

While Fernanda was being an adult and learning about something productive, Victoria and I snuck off like guilty children and made these kick ass little guys. Mines better. JUST KIDDING. Victoria was very adventurous and used an iron and I just coloured like a kid for the whole workshop, but it was SO MUCH FUN. Mine’s hanging beside my desk right now and it’s a) super cute and b) a great reminder of a day we got to spend hanging out with creative, inspiring people who are all as obsessed with blogging as we are (and we are seriously short of those people in real life)!


It was also so fun to meet and learn from Robin and Shannon from Hoopla Event Design & Styling. We’ve been big fans of theirs on social media since before we even decided to start a blog (coming from our events background for sure!) and it was inspiring to get to see all their creativity in person. Some iron on glitter decals and a Cricut machine later, we have some new role models!



4. Live in the moment.

We could obsess over what we’re going to blog about next week, or next month, or next year, and we could worry about whether people like us, whether we’re cool (spoiler alert, we probably aren’t haha), whether we’re creative enough or interesting enough for readers, or a lot more things (trust me, we could). But we have other things to try not to obsess about, and honestly our best work is when we’re just being authentic and playing with it. We are learning new things literally every day, with each post and comment and share and follower, and that’s incredible. Enjoy everything you have right now, now.

This can be expanded to say when you go to something amazing and fun, have ALL THE FUN YOU CAN.

photo 1

5. We are adorable.

Because: this photo Victoria obsessed over getting (including some furtive looks across the room and some pressing reminders we were “here to network”) just kidding it was worth it.

6. Create everything, all the time.

I can’t explain enough how inspiring it is to spend a Saturday (minus the early wake up call and the walk in the rain, excuse our appearances in these photos PLEASE) with some of the most talented and creative people out their in our community. These ladies are so fascinating, regardless of what stage they’re at with their blogs. We met people who were thinking about starting a blog and people who were veterans, and everybody had the same energy and personality. We went home – slept for 12 hours – and then made like five different projects on Sunday. We were machines. We drank the BlogPodium creative Kool Aid. But honestly, it reminds you to make time to just brainstorm and think about all the things you’re inspired about, and then remember you have a TON of women out there who want to encourage and support you, and then DO ALL THE THINGS YOU WANT.

When you’re in surroundings like these, how can you not want to make something pretty?

photo 3 FlowPhotoBlogPodium-10-L FlowPhotoBlogPodium-2-LTo summarize, we had THE BEST TIME at BlogPodium. We definitely came out of it ready to hit the ground running. Did you make it to the event this year? What did you think?!

Let’s talk about it.

Let’s get brunch.

Let’s like, hang out sometime 😉

diy blue sky umbrella

How to make some sunshine on even the rainiest days!

DIY a little rainy season sunshine!

Obviously if you live in Toronto you’ve noticed that “summer” (what? summer? when?) has made way for a pretty rainy fall. It SNOWED in places in Canada last week. SNOWED. And I mean like Canadian metropolises, not some obscure Arctic village in the territories, an URBAN CITY woke up to enough snow to break out the shovels. In September. It’s enough to break your heart – unless, of course you love fall. Which, full confession, I do.

Fall is my favourite season. I love everything about fall, the leaves, the outfits, the comfortable knits and the spicy candles at the store again, the baristas don’t judge you for ordering hot drinks, you aren’t too hot to make real meals anymore, the list goes on.

And I love rain. When I’m inside and reading a book and listening to 8tracks and burning a candle and rain is hitting the window it’s amazing. When I’m outside in what is essentially a hurricane and my ballet flats are ruined and I have to go to the mall for an emergency shopping spree to buy an entire new outfit because my clothes are soaked through and I have to work? Yeah, not so much.

That’s why we came up with this project to bring a little of that summer sunshine to those gray rainy days! Give that boring black umbrella a makeover so you can enjoy some blue sky – even when the rain gets you down.

diy blue sky umbrella and hunter boots graphic


  • blue paint
  • white paint
  • sponge brush
  • painting brush
  • umbrella (we got ours at Target for about $10 – it’s huge and inexpensive, perfect for crafting!)

The Process

There are a few different ways to go about this project, and we tried a couple different techniques. Using the trial and error method, we can narrow it down to two options:

1) Fabric paint – this is completed valid, but it didn’t have very good coverage on the vinyl black of the umbrella

2) Craft paint – amazing coverage, but doesn’t dry very flexibly which creates problems when you want to open and close the umbrella.

We settled for a combination of the two. We used the fabric paint first and realized it wasn’t going to cover the black solidly enough.

diy blue sky umbrella fabric paint

However it did create a flexible base that we could put craft paint on top of. I don’t know if the makers of fabric paint meant for it to act that way, but it totally works. Using white craft paint we “primed” the sections of the umbrella.

diy blue sky umbrella primer

After the white dried, we used the blue paint. It only took two coats to get this gorgeous sky blue.

diy blue sky umbrella sky blue paint

I think when you’re crafting you should always use the antique dining set your grandmother gave you. It’s a great size and clearly versatile for all kinds of projects. She maybe wouldn’t agree.

After your blue is dry, use the sponge brush to sponge on white clouds. I made some pretty big abstract clouds, but you could also do a bunch of small ones or go for a more patterned look with a stenciled pattern approach. I think it’s pretty no matter what you do (but maybe I’m biased).

Once everything is dry, give the whole thing a coat of waterproof clear spray paint. I don’t remember what mine was called, but it’s just from the hardware store. I’m sure craft stores have them too. Don’t underestimate this step: I’ve taken my umbrella out in some torrential downpours (see the header for this post, where I drag Justin and Tucker to the beach for what can only be described as “swimming in air – next level rain”) and I’ve never had an issue with the paint coming off. It cracks a little here and there (because of the craft paint) but nothing that noticeable, especially if you aren’t up super close. If you know of a high quality fabric paint then go ahead and use that instead!

umbrella diy final

I actually love the way it turned out. I’m so happy with it, and it definitely makes me smile every time I look up in the rain and see my own patch of blue sky!

fall 2014 nail polish colours

fall nail polish header

Good morning!

We hope everyone had an incredible weekend, cause we know we did. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook then you know that this past saturday we were at BlogPodium. For those of you that don’t know, BlogPodium is a conference for design and lifestyle bloggers and it takes place right here in Toronto. We were so thrilled to attend this amazing event, where we got the chance to learn from some of the top bloggers in Canada and network with people from the industry. We came out of the conference with so many ideas for The Party Girl and we can’t wait to share them with you!

I especially got some great ideas for the Mani Monday post. Ever since we started doing a mani post, I have wanted to branch out from nail art and incorporate other things related to nails, such as how to care for your nails, best tools to use, etc. One of the topics that I really wanted to blog about was season trends! Just like fashion changes every season, so do the trends in nail polish colours and we want to make sure you stay in the loop! So today I’m posting my 5 favourite colour trends for this fall. There’s so many options and cool shades this season and I can’t wait to try them all!!


fall nail polish, maroon nail colour, ESSIE nail polish

deep blue nail polish, blue nail colour, fall nails

Nude nail polis, OPI polish, neutral nail color


grey nail polish, MARS nail polish, neutral nail colour

metallic nail polish, gold nail polish, ESSIE nail polish, shiny nails,

What colours did you like the most? I have to say that I’m a little partial to the nude shades this fall season, something about them seems so classy and I love that they go with every outfit! 🙂 Let us know what nail polishes you’ll be wearing!

homemade dog treats

dog treats header

Last weekend I promised to help my mom with a bake sale at a fundraising event her rescue does every year in Mississauga. It’s always hugely successful and pretty adorable so it seemed only fair to contribute to their first year introducing a bake sale element. I decided to make some little cupcakes with sugar cookie dog bone toppers, sugar cookie wiener dogs, and dog treats. Pause to reflect on the fact I individually packaged these things:

wiener dog treats

The moment I finished the doggies biscuits I knew I was on to something. Justin and I are always super careful about the ingredients we give Tucker (which is so neurotic and pointless, he eats dirt like really who are we kidding) in his food and treats, but ultimately you can never be 100% about what goes into the snacks you give your fur babies (or slip them casually at all times because you spoil your dog and it’s awful and he’s going to be fat and your brother and boyfriend make fun of you and you’re an enabler but anyways). That is, unless of course you make them yourself at home, with easy ingredients, at batch quantities you would be spending a fortune on at the pet store.

I did a little digging and found this recipe for dog treats that contains all good ingredients that are generally (you can’t please everybody!) agreed to be healthy and delicious for dogs and had to share.


  • cooking spray
  • 2 & 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 cup wheat germ
  • 1/2 cup ground flax seed
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup applesauce
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • *bonus item: a dog bone shaped cookie cutter (I got mine in the 100 piece set I got and Home Outfitters but they sell them at Bulk Barn for like $0.69)

dog treats materials

Some of the more culinary-orineted may have this stuff lying around the house. I didn’t even know what pumpkin puree was so I’m going to offer you a bonus round called “where can I find this stuff”? I got the dry ingredients (like whole wheat flour, wheat germ, and flax seed) at Bulk Barn. They had all of it and I was able to buy just what I needed, which meant no weird bags of unidentified powders in the spice cupboard 6 months later (we’ve all been there). I found the applesauce and pumpkin puree at Target (but any grocery store would work, I just happened to be at a Target). Make sure it’s all natural straight up from-the-apple sauce, not the school snack variety because there’s a lot of extra in that. Where is that mysterious pumpkin puree you ask? It is not, as Justin helpfully suggested, in the can food section. I guess because those are canned “meals”, and if you eat pumpkin puree straight out of the can you’re weird, because that stuff smells gross. It’s in the pie section. Which is in the baking aisle. Presumably because the number one use for pumpkin puree is, shockingly, PIE!

I don’t think you need advice on the other stuff, those were just the biggies.


  1. Preheat your oven to 350º
  2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, wheat germ, and flax seed.
  3. In another bowl, combine the honey, eggs, oil, water, applesauce and pumpkin puree until everything is blended. Pour this mixture into the dry ingredients bowl and stir until you have a consistent “batter”.
  4. Note: This batter is STICKY. You’re going to feel like you can’t possibly roll it out. It reminded me of the champagne cookies we made. You’re going to want a LOT of flour on your counter, and keep it at hand. There may be a way to adjust the recipe to avoid that, but this was my first time. I’ll keep you posted. I tried adding more flour to the mixture but it didn’t make much difference. Rolling it out on a well floured surface works fine though!
  5. Roll it out and use your cookie cutter to cut out bone shapes (or whatever you prefer!) You could also go old school and just do little balls like cookies. At this point you’re basically going for the same technique you use for sugar cookies. Keep the dough rolled out about 1/4″ thick, and use a spatula to pick it up. If your counter isn’t floured enough, the dough won’t want to come up, so keep it dry!
  6. Bake for about 25-30 minutes or until they’re very dark and hard. This is where the opposite technique of cookies comes into play.
  7. I don’t think I should have to mention this, but the original recipe did so now I’m worried. Wait until these are cool before you offer them to your dog. OBVIOUSLY.

dog treats process

They actually are delicious though. Obviously I can’t say that with authority but I’m assuming they’re delicious because the recipe made about 3 dozen and Tucker is on a binge to destroy them all. Lucky dog.

These maybe won’t keep your party guests satisfied, but they’d be great as little favours for your pet-loving friends, or as a gift for that health-conscious pet owner friend you have (you can only buy them so many smoothie machines before it gets weird). Or, if you’re like Victoria, you could use them at a dog party (she’s obsessed).

Let us know what you think and if you have some time give it a try! Even your fur babies deserve some celebrating after all.


and the award[s] goes to…

LiebsterWe have an extra special post today – we got nominated for a liebster award which is basically an excuse for us to interview eachother and our favourite bloggers, so this was the most fun we’ve ever had. We (okay. it’s me) are unashamedly nosy. The liebster awards are an amazing way to get to know your fellow bloggers. You share it with people starting out who don’t have a lot of followers yet. Or people you just really desperately want to know more about because you’re a huge creep. You get to define those lines yourself.

We were so so excited to hear that we got nominated by Sabrina at Morning, Dear, another local T.O blogger we love! We love an excuse to talk about ourselves (just kidding) and learn more about the blogging community!

SO, here are the rules:

  • post the award on your blog (look, we’re already killing it)
  • thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog
  • write 11 random facts about yourself
  • nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 250 followers
  • answer 11 questions posted by the present
  • ask you nominees 11 questions

11 Random Facts About Us

1. I can eat tacos every night forever. Sometimes I do. It’s gross. – Ashley

2. I can touch the bottom of my nose with the tip of my tongue. – Fernanda

3. I have a 2-year old black pug named Sadie and I’m obsessed with her. – Victoria

4. I love Dunkaroos. I’m 23. – Ashley

5. I love to sing. – Fernanda

6. I used to be an avid Scuba Diver but after a scary mishap on a night dive, I haven’t gone since and am afraid of open water. That was probably 7 years ago. – Victoria

7. I’m an avid Nora Roberts fan. I’ve read all her books. I’m not even ashamed. Well sometimes I’m a little ashamed. – Ashley

8. I am very good and patient with little details, hence why I like doing my nails. – Fernanda

9. Nothing gives me more joy or more anxiety than planning a party. – Victoria

10. I have two half sisters (ages 4 and 7) and a half brother (he’s 21). I also have a golden retriever named Tucker and a boyfriend who mostly puts up with the craftermath of my blog projects, and a cat who almost never leaves my craft supplies where he finds them. – Ashley

11. I have read every Tamora Pierce book, and have even gone to a SciFi convention to have her sign one of my them. – Fernanda

11 Questions from Morning, Dear

1. What’s one piece of advice you’d like to give your younger self?

– Don’t date high school boys. And tell Brad to lock the house during the keg party. – Ashley

– Dont take life too seriously, and be prepared for things to not turn out as you plan all the time. – Fernanda

– Think about that tattoo for longer. And be more confident. – Victoria

2. Who do you look up to most?

– My mom is a badass and I love it. She always juggles a million things at once and she’s never idle, she’s mean and charming and hilarious and fun and sweet and secretly a huge softie and my best friend. I’ve always wanted to be like her when I grow up. – Ashley

– My parents, who made the incredible sacrifice of leaving their home country to move to Canada and give my brothers and myself a better life. – Fernanda

– I wouldn’t say that I look up to one person or have one role model. Many people, whether I know them or not, inspire me in different ways. – Victoria

3. What would be your dream dinner-party guest list.

– I think a celebrity dinner party would be SO fun with: Emma Stone, Ellen DeGeneres, Mindy Kaling, Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Kendrick, Jimmy Fallon, Miles Teller… I could go on. Actually can I erase all that and just have a dinner date with Sam Claflin? Great, thanks. – Victoria

– Can I have Victoria’s discarded guest list? I think Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal. – Ashley

4. What’s the story behind your blog’s name?

Well once upon a time I was supposed to have a totally different future, and I was supposed to take my honours degrees to law school and become this badass lawyer who wore tailored suits and struck fear into the hearts of slimy businessmen, but then I started feeling unchallenged in my academic environment. I’d always loved being creative and I wasn’t using it in real life anymore.

And I’d always taken entertaining to a whole new level. For our housewarming party in university we had an 80s theme and I cut up bristol board and made our wall a Pacman scene. Everybody was playing beer pong and I was like, “Oh guys, I forgot to put on the Jane Vonda workout video for ambience.” So I’d surf all these creative blogs to fill that void, and then I thought “Hey, I can do that, and I can do it in CANADA” where I think the creative blog world is very underground right now if you aren’t tapped in. And then when I thought about what I wanted to do with my life I realized I just wanted to plan parties and make people happy. I just wanted to be the girl that loved parties.

So the Party Girl was my way of being creative and having fun and planning parties, and sharing it with other people who felt the same way. It became this thing where it wasn’t just me, it was a type of girl (or guy) and I was going to show them what they could do. – Ashley

5. What are your favourite blogs? (Hostess with the Mostess)

6. Describe your dream house.

– A little farmhouse with a big wrap around porch and a library and a craft room with a wall full of cubbies and each cubby is a party theme and has a party on it. – Ashley

– A house with lots of land, a library for all of my books, a huge kitchen to cook in and a great patio to lounge in, either by myself or with some of my friends. – Fernanda

–  A house big enough for a room for my pets (I plan on having many), a comfy reading nook, a huge closet so I can organize and space out all of my clothes, a crafts room, a gift wrapping room. Nothing too modern-looking. I like classic and cozy houses. -Victoria

7. Where were you born and where did you grow up?

–  I was born in Richmond Hill and then raised in a super small town called Haliburton where you can’t even be born because the hospital isn’t equipped for births. In 2014. THAT’S REAL LIFE PEOPLE. But it’s a really gorgeous magical place with a lot of trees and lakes and sometimes during science class I watched the fire helicopters do drills in the lake with giant buckets of water instead of learning about covalent bonds so I win. – Ashley

– Born in Rio Negro, Argentina, where literaly there was nothing to do and nowhere to go. Moved to downtown Buenos Aires when I was five. We lived in a little apartment and my brothers and I shared a room. Needless to say I was very much one of the guys. Then moved to the outskirts of Buenos Aires, where I we stayed for 4 years until I was 11 and my family moved to Canada. We have been living in Newmarket ever since. – Fernanda

– Toronto born and raised! – Victoria

8. What’s your morning routine?

– Ignore my alarm, ignore my dog, move my cat off my face, text Fernanda and Victoria and say I’m not leaving the house, ignore their responses until it gets violent, get up and eat whatever I find first, straighten my ENDLESS hair, take my dog out, run out of the house late for something. – Ashley

– Very short and simple cause I like to get as much sleep as I can. Get up, brush my teeth and wash my face, change, grab my bag and a quick breakfast and go! – Fernanda

9. What’s your idea of the perfect weekend?

– Brunch, dinner parties, shopping, dragging Justin for walks in the valley with Tucker, movie nights, baking. But mostly brunch. – Ashley

– Sleep in, make a big and healthy brunch, then head out for a day of horseback riding, hiking, rock climbing, anything outdoors. And finish it with reading a good book and enjoying dinner with James. – Fernanda

– Road trip with friends and my dog. -Victoria

10. What makes you laugh more than anything?

– Everything. The Mindy Project. Tumblr. My boyfriend. My brother. My friends. – Ashley

– That part in Frozen when Oloff sneezes and his nose goes all the way on his head. – Fernanda

– My pug. – Victoria

11. What’s your guilty pleasure?

– Brunch. #ForeverBrunch. And maybe Dance Moms. That’s pretty guilty. – Ashley

– Dessert, can’t live without it. And a good John Mayer song. -Fernanda

– Chips, Taylor Swift songs, and trashy books. -Victoria

We Nominate…

1. Winter – Weekends With Winter | @WeekendWinter
2. Kerri – A Pop of Pretty | @APopofPretty
3. Casey – Waffling Design | @WafflingBlog
4. Meredith – More Than Yesterday | @mtyesterday
5. Hailey – Here Nor There | @_herenorthere_
6. Julia – Home On 129 Acres  | @homeon129acres
7. Melissa – The Whimsical Wife | @whimsicalwife01
8. Kathleen – Snowdrop and Company | @snowdropandco
9. Anna – Spunky Sapphire | @spunkysapphire
10. Andrea – Personally Andrea | @personalyandrea
11. Joan – Nicer Than New | @nicer_than_new

We Want to Know 

1. What’s the story behind your blog’s name?
2. What are you favourite blogs?
3. Where were you born and were did you grow up?
4. Do you like to travel? What’s your favourite place you’ve been to?
5. What do you love about blogging?
6. What is the number one thing you’d like to get out of your blog?
7. What’s one thing you’ve always wished you knew how to do?
8. What is your favourite post from your blog?
9. What is one lesson you’ve learned since starting your blog?
10. What’s your favourite movie and why?
11. What are you reading right now?


And that’s it! We’re excited to hear all your answers!


we’re back!


We’ve been away, and it’s been so lonely without you! We’ve hinted at some major changes, and a new website was the first step.

That means that our blog is OFFICIALLY over at! In the meantime we may maintain this one, but in case we forget (and we’re awfully busy with our big announcement, so that’s possible!) we want you to be able to find us!

Meanwhile, we’ve been working on some seriously amazing projects just for you! Subscribe to the brand new Party Girl (and like us on social media!) to stay up to date with all the great new crafts, projects, parties, and manis we’ve got coming your way.

Oh, and P.S. – You’ll notice there’s a brand new tab on the navigation bar – did you see it? We’re so excited to finally leak some more details about this extra special project, but if you missed it, catch it over at the Party Box page!