friday faves: august 22

header friday favesHappy Friday my darlings. Can we side note briefly to address that as I wrote that my mind automatically went to this movie:


I know why but also I don’t know why. I just wanted share.

ANYWAYS, here’s what we loved this week:

friday faves 1



friday faves 2



friday faves 3

1. This pretty (and personal!) diy confetti from Femme Fraiche

2. This adorable Fantastic Mr. Fox themed birthday for the sweetest little boy on 100 Layer Cakelet

3. These easy diy treat boxes from Make And Tell, perfect for sharing some goodies with your besties, and customizing for any party!

4. This stunning Mid-Summer Night’s Dream inspired wedding cake from Rosalind Miller

5. This gorgeous rustic wedding with the perfect touch of elegance from Rock My Wedding


I’m still swooning over these finds. I think Friday Faves is my new fave thing. Have a great week Party Girls!





Happy monday party girl!

I can’t believe august has only two more weeks left! This summer is going by super fast. Many of you will be starting your back to school shopping soon, either for yourself or for your kids. But before you get too crazy with all the to do lists for september, how about taking an hour to relax on this busy monday and do something for yourself, say like do your nails?

I love getting pampered, and getting a manicures is one of the things I enjoy the most. Obviously it would be much better if someone was doing them for me, but I definitely can’t afford to be going in to the nail salon every week. So I have settled for doing them myself. Which works out great because I get to experiment with funky and different nail art. Just like the one for today’s mani monday!!

This weekend was so gloomy and cold, I decided to cheer up my week with a fun dotticure! Now for those that have never heard of a dotticure (you’re not alone, I was unaware of this term until a couple of days ago) it is a manicure that involves dots. Sounds simple doesn’t it. And it is! There are many different types of dotticures, depending on how intricate you want to get. I decided to try out a confetti style dotticure. It’s a nail art that I have wanted to do for a while now and it’s simple enough that anyone can do it.

Dotticure header 1

The very first step when starting your dotticure is doing your base coat. Now those of you that have seen my previous posts see something familiar. Yes I am using the Sally Hansen mint colour again, called Jaded. I fell in love with this nail polish colour when I saw it and I have been trying to use it as much as possible.

Dotticure 1

Once the base coat has dried you can chose the colours you want to use for the confetti dots. I chose to use a dark purple, a coral red, and a silver sparkly nail polish.

Dotticure 2

You will also need your dotting tool for this manicure (it is called a dotticure after all). If you don’t have one no worries, there are many alternatives that you can use which you can find around your house, like a pencil!

Dotticure 3

Once you have all of your nail polishes and tool ready you can begin the nail art. I started with purple colour first, placing the dots throughout the nail. Remember to leave room for the other two colours! Don’t stress too much about the exact placement, just put them wherever you like, you can always fill in any empty spots later.

Dotticure 4.1

Then I added the red. You can see that I did some bigger dots at the end of the nail and as I moved closer to the bed of the nail the dots got smaller, adding a little of variety.

Dotticure 5

Finally I added the silver sparkle. I wanted to leave this colour last as I like using it as a detail.

Dotticure 6


Do the same with the rest of the nails and you are done!

Dotticure 7

I loved doing this nail design, I think it looks cute and fun. Let us know what you think of our dotticure and if you have any suggestions for the next mani monday in the comments below! 🙂

diy cone tray

cone tray header

Okay so you may be asking, why would I ever make a cone tray. What exactly is the purpose of a cone tray? Where would you use a cone tray? These are valid questions. These are the same questions Justin asked when I informed him I wanted to make one. He still eyes it suspiciously, but I’m telling you once you have one it makes the world make sense.

In case you aren’t sold on why this diy is great, here are a few reasons why I think everybody needs a cone tray:

  1. If you ever are serving ice cream cones at a party or bbq and have to serve more than two. Actually more than one. What do you do with the first one while you scoop? Where should you put it? Where is the kid that asked for it? Where is the rest of the party helpers? Why are you alone hold a dripping ice cream cone and ruining your sundress by using your body as an extra hand while you scoop? This is a real life issue, and the cone tray solves everything. ca4395a57ebb51afd6526268d5a4a602
  2. Say you’re having a movie night and you want to serve popcorn. But you want everybody to have their own. But you don’t want to give everybody their own bowl (hello, who does those dishes after?) or make like 6 different bags of popcorn. It’s chaos. It’s anarchy. It’s why you need to learn how to make paper cones and serve popcorn in them – ON YOUR CONE TRAY.
  3. Say you want an adorable display of confetti throwing madness, so you make some pretty paper cones and put confetti in them but then want to serve them butler-style to your guests because everything is more fun that way – cone tray.4feea293e492e2c7d71df08ab6a3ba10
  4. Say you make better choices than I do and serve fruit in waffle cones like a grown up – how cute would those look on a special tray? 9951425228ee71eacb686137d413f14f
  5. Rose petals! 7a121e3d25cfc6571373745b01209037
  6. All of the above with different varieties of food because I’m incredibly creative and can play this game forever.

I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re convinced now. This is how you can make your own.

First, you need a piece of wood. I made mine very spontaneously. As in, imagine me sitting somewhere, thinking instantly I need a cone tray, and then insisting on making it that minute with no special supplies. I’m super fun to be around. Anyways because of that I used leftover floor hardwood. Honestly though any piece of wood would work.

cone tray step 4

You also need a hole saw. I didn’t know what this was, but it’s like a hole drill bit you put on the end of the saw. Make sure you pick one with a diameter the fits a standard size cone.

cone tray step 1

You can choose a design that works for you. I decided to make a bunch of holes on a relatively wide piece because I’m generally having groups of people over at a time. A more realistic number of holes would maybe be 4 or 5. I’ve never been a realistic person.

Anyways, have a grown up (haha) drill the holes for you if you aren’t familiar with a hole saw. I find them super confusing so Justin did it. That, and plus I’m not allowed to use power tools in our house after a minor infraction. So unfair.

cone tray step 2

cone tray step 3

After you drill the big holes, use a relatively large bit to make two holes on either side for your handles.

cone tray small holes

I used this pretty burlap-esque ribbon with polka dots because it was too sweet, and I painted my tray white because I figured it matched everything. But you can do whatever makes you happy.

cone tray handles

And that’s that! It really is a useful project, promise!

cone tray final 1