december tech makeover


It’s December, so time to dress up your tech with a free calendar download!

I actually can’t quite accept that it’s December. Like I can, and I’m beyond excited because we have a super long break this year and a MASSIVE pile of things to catch up on, including some exciting projects for you guys, but at the same time I feel like I was writing about soft autumn afternoons a day ago.

Still, December is one of my favourite months. Minus that madness that is the shopping scene (and we’re hitting the mall this afternoon because we like to live on the edge apparently) there’s a certain kind of cheerfulness in the air thanks to the holiday season. Even the fact it’s dark at basically 4pm these days can’t get me down!

AND, a new month means it’s time for a new tech makeover! Get your free December calendar download now:

Desktop Wallpaper w/ To Do


Desktop Wallpaper w/o To Do


iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper


Happy downloading!


tech makeover: november calendar

D E C O R A T E-1

It’s November and that means time for your next tech makeover!

As per usual our Canadian weather is being super temperamental and we left our Friday night party in a flurry and I went to class without a coat today. Who can keep up with that nonsense? BUT, it’s a new month and that means we’ve got your tech download for November!

There’s nothing like some watercolour pinks and greens to make November seem a little less dreary. Get your desktop and iPhone lock screen calendar download now!

Desktop W/ To Do

november desktop calendar with to do

Desktop Calendar Without To Do

november desktop calendar

iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper

iphone calendar november lock screen 2

And there you have it! Something fun and bright to make glancing down at your smartphone in the middle of a frigid snowstorm easier on the soul.

tech makeover

july tech download header

Happy July Party Girls! There’s something so delicious about the month of July. School is still two months away and all the summer festivals are in full swing and everybody’s in a good mood. I felt a little extra cheerful designing this month’s download, and I decided what better way than sharing my favourite summertime symbol – the pink flamingo?

This month you get EXTRA choices because I realized not everybody is neurotic and keeps sticky notes on my desktop under the “to do” banner, so if you aren’t into that you get to choose a “no to do” option.

So pick your fave and download below!

Desktop Wallpaper (No To Do)


Desktop Wallpaper (With To Do)


iPhone Lock Screen Calendar


Having trouble? Make sure you right click on the image you’re trying to save and open in a new tab. Save direct from the new tab or window for the best resolution!

What’s your favourite thing about summer? Let us know what you think about our calendars, any ideas for next month’s, and what you’ve been up to this summer in the comments below.

We love hearing from you!

some extra tech swag

Good morning Party Girls!

I had someone ask if I could make a smaller iPhone lock screen calendar, more like February’s size. As someone who is super fickle with my backgrounds who am I to judge, so of course I said yes! And then when I was fidgeting with the size I realized I didn’t like how bleached the pink background turned when you set the lock screen, and so as such here is a completely new lock screen calendar a little smaller (which I have to admit I like better!) and a little mintier (because why not?).

Hope you like it!


P.S. – I actually really love hearing from you guys, and your feedback has been so positive! I’m glad you guys are getting excited with me as we start what I hope will be a really long and exciting friendship on The Party Girl 🙂

tech makeover – march

Happy March! If any of you live in the Toronto area you know that March brought us a super fun little snowstorm Saturday night so I’m not feeling as “spring-y” as I was when I made this month’s calendar. Still, the little floral wreath is a pretty cheerful reminder of what’s to come!

Get your downloads for March and make your tech a little fancy too!

desktop wallpaper

*remember to right click and open in a new tab and save image from there for highest quality!

March Calendar

iPhone lock screen wallpaper

March iPhone Calendar Final

iPhone 5 lock screen wallpaper

Surprise! I felt a little bad because some helpful ladies mentioned the calendars wouldn’t stretch properly for the 5, so I had a little somebody test it out on her phone and this one should fit perfectly!

iPhone 5 March Calendar

Have a great March lovelies!

tech makeover

Sorry for the delay but here is this month’s tech download! There’s nothing I love more than pink and hearts, so February was really fun for me!

To download, remember to right click and open in a new tab and save the image from that new tab. It seems to be the best way! If you are trying to get it on your phone and have trouble, try emailing yourself the images!

Happy February party girls 🙂

iPhone background:


desktop background:


tech makeover

Okay so I admit, I have a terribly small attention span. So as excited and in love as I was with the January calendar downloads earlier this month, I had some downtime this evening and immediately decided my tech needed a makeover. I wanted to make one a little lighter and softer than the earlier months. I want to say this is the final calendar I’ll offer you guys this month, but since I barely lasted two weeks I don’t want to promise not to change my mind again.

Still, this way you can pick your favourites!

*note for downloads: I’ve tried uploading these a couple ways and for reasons I don’t understand the best way to download them for you guys seems to be to click on the photo and then when it opens in a new screen save that photo. I’m working on ironing out the kinks but if you just save the images directly from this post the quality isn’t very good. Not sure if you’ve got the right one? If your desktop wallpaper is a little blurry, you can do better. 🙂 

Desktop Wallpaper

A couple of you mentioned that the wallpaper size was too small for some of your PC laptops. I think because I designed it on my Macbook it’s probably set to that design. I tried to make everything a little less static so it could handle the stretch, but email me if there’s a problem and I can adjust it for you because I’m just that kind of girl –> 🙂


iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper


iPhone Home Screen Wallpaper


So that’s that! Hope you guys like the little bonus. I decided it bothered me that my home screen didn’t coordinate with the rest of my wallpapers. Clearly I am neurotic.