december tech makeover


It’s December, so time to dress up your tech with a free calendar download!

I actually can’t quite accept that it’s December. Like I can, and I’m beyond excited because we have a super long break this year and a MASSIVE pile of things to catch up on, including some exciting projects for you guys, but at the same time I feel like I was writing about soft autumn afternoons a day ago.

Still, December is one of my favourite months. Minus that madness that is the shopping scene (and we’re hitting the mall this afternoon because we like to live on the edge apparently) there’s a certain kind of cheerfulness in the air thanks to the holiday season. Even the fact it’s dark at basically 4pm these days can’t get me down!

AND, a new month means it’s time for a new tech makeover! Get your free December calendar download now:

Desktop Wallpaper w/ To Do


Desktop Wallpaper w/o To Do


iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper


Happy downloading!


tech makeover

july tech download header

Happy July Party Girls! There’s something so delicious about the month of July. School is still two months away and all the summer festivals are in full swing and everybody’s in a good mood. I felt a little extra cheerful designing this month’s download, and I decided what better way than sharing my favourite summertime symbol – the pink flamingo?

This month you get EXTRA choices because I realized not everybody is neurotic and keeps sticky notes on my desktop under the “to do” banner, so if you aren’t into that you get to choose a “no to do” option.

So pick your fave and download below!

Desktop Wallpaper (No To Do)


Desktop Wallpaper (With To Do)


iPhone Lock Screen Calendar


Having trouble? Make sure you right click on the image you’re trying to save and open in a new tab. Save direct from the new tab or window for the best resolution!

What’s your favourite thing about summer? Let us know what you think about our calendars, any ideas for next month’s, and what you’ve been up to this summer in the comments below.

We love hearing from you!

tech makeover

may tech swag headerWell hello again Party Girls, how’s this for a May treat? Two posts in one day, woah.

Of course today is May 2 and it’s not fair to send you into the first weekend of May without some pretty tech swag to brighten up your electronic world.

April is over and May has us feeling bright and cheerful, and we tried to design a calendar that made you feel like summer was just around the corner.

Get your downloads below!

desktop wallpaper 

Desktop Background

iPhone lock screen (works on both iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 screens)

iPhone MayHaving problems getting the right quality? Make sure you’re right clicking on the photos above and opening them in a new tab, and saving them from that new tab image. The quality is a lot better but you have to open them up first.

Let us know what you think about this month’s calendar, and anything you’d like to see next month!

Have a great weekend!


april tech makeover

Happy April Party Girls! 

It’s April 1st and that means it’s time for a new tech makeover. There’s something bittersweet about April because while it’s technically spring anyone living in Canada knows it doesn’t feel very spring out there. I’m hoping having some soft spring colours will brighten up your days, and your desktops! 

Get the downloads for this month!

Desktop calendar

Desktop April Calendar

iPhone 4/4s calendar

iPhone 4/4s April Calendar


iPhone 5


Remember to right click and open the images in a separate tap/window and save the image from there, everything works in better definition that way! 

coffee and a donut

Header Coffee

Happy Wednesday!

We may not be able to see the streets of Toronto through all that white, but it’s feeling pretty green in here as we celebrate our inner Irish with these super cute coffee sleeves!

If you’re warming up with some Starbucks treats get one of these little St. Patrick’s Day downloads to brighten up your snowy afternoon!

Rotated Close Up Coffee

Choose your fave or give one to a friend and get into the weekend spirit early!

Remember to right click and open in a new tab to save. Print on card stock for best results.

imageedit_25_5766874492 imageedit_23_2645294338

tech makeover

Sorry for the delay but here is this month’s tech download! There’s nothing I love more than pink and hearts, so February was really fun for me!

To download, remember to right click and open in a new tab and save the image from that new tab. It seems to be the best way! If you are trying to get it on your phone and have trouble, try emailing yourself the images!

Happy February party girls 🙂

iPhone background:


desktop background:


sweet sharing

Sometimes brainstorming gift ideas can be really daunting, especially when you are as obsessed with finding the perfect gift as I am. Every aspect of gift giving has to be 100% the way I visualized it in order for me to be happy. You should see the amount of time I spend in the card section. I’ve spent an hour in Hallmark before. An ENTIRE HOUR.

Anyways, one of the trickiest parts of gift giving is the price tag. There are all these tips out there for how to basically assign your friends a dollar value to find the perfect gift, but I find those not only super tacky but also confusing (why does it matter if I know her birthday? I barely know my mom’s birthday. That doesn’t mean I should just get her a card! what do you mean her cat’s name? I don’t think she has a cat…?) and as such I try to just use my own judgement when I come up with present budgets.

But the universally acceptable budget friendly gift is the Do It Yourself hand made present. When you’re a kid it’s the perfect way to get your parents something special without spending a dime of your allowance (and let’s face it we all spent those dimes on milkshakes before we even thought about buying gifts) so how come it loses popularity in adulthood?

Sometimes it’s hard to be crafty, and I get that. But sometimes you’re more creative than you think, and that’s where this week’s printable comes in!

Everybody loves food. If anybody tells you differently they’re wrong and stop being friends with them. (Okay maybe that’s harsh but seriously, EVERYBODY loves food!). And even if you aren’t a wizard in the kitchen, you can follow a recipe. A great gift idea is to give a friend a box of your favourite cookies, or a packaged jar with the ingredients to make their own sweet treat, like homemade hot chocolate or Blondies.

Whatever you decide, attach one of these little cards and share something you love with someone you love for the perfect gift idea!

Recipe Card Download:

Just right click and “open in a new tab” your favourite Recipe Card! Save the photo and print on card stock (I used 4 x 6 but the files should be flexible enough to work with other similar dimensions!) for best results!