father’s day printable

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So if you’ve been following us on social media (and you should because our Facebook page is a treasure trove of party ideas, we do all the Pinterest hunting for you!) you’ve noticed we are BIG on saving our Hallmark dollars and printing our gifts this year.

With Father’s Day around the corner I decided to make a little card to show my dad how much I appreciate him suffering enjoying twenty three years of raising the girliest child on the planet. I’m sure when he was blessed with two more daughters shortly after seeing one through prom season he wished for death was ecstatic for all the memories he got to revisit.

I thought this printable was the perfect way to thank dad for stoically surviving the trials and tribulations of being the male parent to the bewildering whims of a girl child, and give him some laughs.

And of course why not share the fun with you guys?! If you’re a girly girl, Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to sympathize with all those years your dad pretended to understand the difference between coral and blush nail polish (don’t lie dad, you still say orange and beige) and this card is the perfect fit for you!

Get the download here: Father’s Day Card

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Having trouble downloading? Try right clicking and opening the link in a new tab 🙂

Enjoy, and tell us something funny about your dad in the comments!