mani monday: autumn floral

autumn floral mani header

Fall isn’t over yet, so celebrate these last few weeks before winter with this autumn inspired floral mani!

Another monday morning is here, which means another mani monday for you girls! Now that we’re in November, we are starting to count down the days until Christmas. But before we get all red, green and white I want to enjoy some last couple of fall posts. So here is a autumn inspired floral mani to brighten up your morning.

I love this nail design, not only because I really like florals but also because fall is my favourite season. So this is a combination of my two favourite things!!

I began by painting four nails a dark chocolate colour and my ring finger white.

autumn floral mani step 1

Next I started the floral design. First I did the branches using the same dark chocolate nail polish and a stripping brush.

autumn floral mani step 2

After the branches have dried you can begin adding the flowers. I used a maroon nail polish and a dotting tool for the petals. Don’t worry about making the dots perfect, I actually made some flowers a little more crooked because I thought it looked cute.

autumn floral mani step 3

I then added some blue flowers using the same technique with the dotting tool and added the centers for the flowers; I did yellow for the maroon flowers and white for the blue ones.

autumn floral mani step 4

I finished it off by adding a matte top coat to the chocolate coloured nails. I really like the matte look, I think it’s so perfect for that fall look.

autumn floral mani final

Once the floral design dries finish it off with a quick drying top coat and you’re done! Hope you liked this week’s autumn floral mani, I know I did!



mani monday: jamberry nails

jamberry nails header

Happy monday!

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you celebrate Halloween on Friday? We sure did! We threw an AMAZING Halloween party for all of our friends using the Halloween Party Box and everyone loved it!! Now that Halloween is done we are planning our next party box so make sure to stay tuned to our Shop.

This week I have something very exciting for you girls. A couple of weeks ago I got connected with a girl that works as a consultant for Jamberry Nails. Now I was very excited to be connecting with someone like this but that’s because I’m a nail freak. For all of you girls that may not know what Jamberry nails is (don’t worry I won’t hold it against you), they are a company that started in the U.S that make these super cute, long lasting and incredible easy to apply nail wraps. If you have ever wanted to try nail wraps then these are the one’s you should go with, they are great. Steph (our Jamberry consultant) was awesome enough to send Ashley and I a whole bunch sample to try, and because I’m a sucker Ashley convinced me to do her nails and try to samples. We did the floral design they looked so great!

So read along for the step by step on how to put on these wraps.

First you have to clean the nails with the wipes and push back the cuticles.

jamberry nails step (1)

Next you will peel the nail wrap and warm it up for 3-5 seconds with a blow dryer.

jamberry nails step 2

Once the wrap starts to bend you can apply it to the nail. Make sure to press on the edges of to ensure the wrap sticks.

jamberry nails step 3

Now use the blow dryer again to finish adhering the wrap. TIP: make sure the blow dryer is on medium temperature, we don’t want you to burn yourself like I burnt Ashley. Use your nail file to file away the excess wrap.

jamberry nails step 5

We finished by applying a Sally Hansen gel top coat because Ashley really likes to pick on her nails, but it’s not necessary. We also painted the rest of the nails cause otherwise it would have looked a little weird to only have one nail done.

jamberry nails step 6

And that’s it! Super simple and they last up to two weeks!

jamberry nails

We have to thank Steph for hooking us up with these wraps, we absolutely love them and think you will too. If you are interested in trying them out you should totally check out her website.

And that’s a wrap 😛


mani monday: linear blues

linear blues header

Hello party girls! Happy monday! Can you believe the amazing weather we’ve been having this week, I have been LOVING the warm temperatures. I spent the entire afternoon soaking up the sun and it was amazing.

This week we are doing a very simple nail design. As you know I really like doing simple and quick nail art, especially now with the crazy and hectic fall schedule. So when I got this idea for this mani I thought it was perfect for any girls out there looking for an easy and cute nail design. This week’s mani monday is linear blues! (thanks Ashley for the name for this post, I was struggling to find a cute name)

For this nail design you will need metallic blue, turqouise and white nail polish. Preferably you will use a thin brush white nail polish but if you don’t own one or can’t find one you can use thin stripping brush and regular white nail polish.

linear blues 1

First paint your base colour with the metallic blue. I love this colour, it is so trendy right now for fall.

linear blues 2

Next add the turquoise accent. This part is super simple, just paint one thick line down the middle of the nail.You may have to do two coats of this depending on your nail polish.

linear blues 3

Finally you’ll add the white stripes on both sides of the turquoise stripe.

linear blues 4.1

And that’s it! Add your top coat and you are done the linear blues mani!


Let us know what you think of this nail design on the comments below 🙂

mauve ombre mani

mauve ombre mani header

Happy Monday morning!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Did anyone go to any of the events from the weekender? I really wanted to go to the LCBO Taste Local pop up, there’s something about wine and pie that I can’t resist. I guess I will have to hope they are doing it again next year.

So now that it is officially fall, I will start doing a lot more autumn themed mani mondays. Fall colours are my favourite, so I am going to try to incorporate them into as many nail art posts as possible!! For this mani monday I wanted to try one of the colours that is very popular  for this fall season: mauve. I absolutely LOVE mauve, I think it is such a pretty colour and it can be transformed from day to night so easily.

This week I have taken on a mauve ombre using ESSIE “ladylike” and OPI “the world is not enough”. I think the transition from the light purple mauve into the dark sparkly metallic is absolutely adorable. And it’s super easy to do!

First you need to set out your the things you will need: your two nail polishes and a make-up sponge. I recently discovered the make-up sponge for doing the ombre nail design, it is so easy to use and pretty much fool proof.

mauve ombre mani (1)

Start by painting your lighter shade as your base colour. I did it this way because I wanted a lighter to darker look from top to bottom but you can switch it up!

mauve ombre mani (2)

Once your nail polish has dried you can start doing the ombre design. Add a little bit of the dark nail polish to the sponge and gently press the sponge onto the nail. You can re-apply as much as needed until you reach your desired look. I wanted the nail polish to come out very dark so I re-applied a couple of times.

Mauve Ombre Mani (4)

Now if you notice that you went a little too far up the nail with the dark colour do not worry! You can easily touch it up by adding a little of thee lighter colour. Remember it is supposed to look a little messy so play around until you find the look you want.

Mauve Ombre Mani (6)

And there you have it! Apply your top coat and you are ready to go!! What do you think? Will you be trying out this mauve ombre nail art?

Let us know what other fall nail design you want to see!

mauve and purple mani

mauve & purple header

Happy monday!

Wow it feel like forever since I have done a mani monday post! I’m sure you guys have missed me too. No worries I am back for good until another holiday comes in the way.

Now that september has started I have eagerly and reluctantly began to look for more fall mani ideas for the blog. Don’t get me wrong I love fall, it is probably my favourite season of the year, except I can’t help but think how much closer we are getting to the dreaded winter to come. But still, seasons will change and we must move along.

As I was looking for fall inspiration I found an inverted french mani done with nude and black that I absolutely loved. I have been thinking of doing a french mani on here for a while but I knew that I wanted to do something special with it. So when I found the inverted french mani I just had to try it. Instead of doing nude and black, I used mauve and dark purple. I loved the contrast between the colours and I especially using a purple instead of black, I don’t know why but I find black a little too dark for me.

So here is the mauve and purple mani (I apologize for the name, I could not come up with anything better)

Start by painting your lighter colour as the base.

step 1


Once the nail polish has fully dried (I usually wait an hour or so to be safe) apply the tape to form the inverted french mani. I used two pieces of tape together to make both sides of the traingle looking shape match. Make sure to place the tape right down the middle of the nail otherwise it’ll look crooked.

step 2.1

Now paint your dark colour over the part of the nail that has been left exposed and take the tape off before letting the nail polish dry. inv

step 3

Repeat with the rest of the nails and this is what you get!

step 4.1


Originally I was just going to leave it like that but I noticed some streaks and lines that were not as even as I would like. So what better way to cover it up than with dots! Do them right on the edge of the line to cover any uneven spots. TIP: start the dots from the middle and work your way to the sides, this way you can make sure the dots look even. 

step 5

And there you go! I love this nail design because it looks elegant and yet it’s very simple to do. To make it fancier you can replace the dark purple with a gold or silver!

Now scroll down and let us know what you think of this week’s mani! AFTER your nails dry of course 🙂




pink and stripes mani

Pink and stripes header

Happy monday! As you may have noticed from the header I was feeling like pink this weekend, something that doesn’t happen very often to me.  The whole time I was doing my nails I was thinking about how much Ashley would love this design seeing as they have two of her favorite things: pink and hearts. This mani is easy to do but does require a lot of patience. First you’ll start by painting your base coats,  the pink and the brown (or purple color according to James).


Once your nail polish has dried, and please make sure it is FULLY dried, you can begin to paint the stripes. I decided to do white stripes on the brown nail and used clear tape that I cut into thin stripes.


Once you have gotten a good coat of the white nail polish on begin removing the tape from the nail. Do this right away while the nail polish is still wet to avoid smudging.

Pink and stripes 3 image

You have to wait again until the white stripes are dry before you can add the finishing touch.  You see why I said before you’ll need lots of patience,  there is a lot of waiting for this mani but you don’t want to rush it and ruin the manicure half way through.  Always wait at least half an hour before doing a design with tape.


Apply your heart stencil,  or freehand it with a dotting tool.  Again remove the stencil right away before the nail polish dries.

image image

And that’s it,  a very pink and very cute mani!! Last tip make sure to use new tape for the other hand, I learned the hard way that little lesson and now my right hand stripes look a little more messy because of it.


Let us know what you think below 🙂

Ps, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for being such a great photographer. I was able to get some good action shots,  dontcha think?  🙂


Happy monday party girl!

I can’t believe august has only two more weeks left! This summer is going by super fast. Many of you will be starting your back to school shopping soon, either for yourself or for your kids. But before you get too crazy with all the to do lists for september, how about taking an hour to relax on this busy monday and do something for yourself, say like do your nails?

I love getting pampered, and getting a manicures is one of the things I enjoy the most. Obviously it would be much better if someone was doing them for me, but I definitely can’t afford to be going in to the nail salon every week. So I have settled for doing them myself. Which works out great because I get to experiment with funky and different nail art. Just like the one for today’s mani monday!!

This weekend was so gloomy and cold, I decided to cheer up my week with a fun dotticure! Now for those that have never heard of a dotticure (you’re not alone, I was unaware of this term until a couple of days ago) it is a manicure that involves dots. Sounds simple doesn’t it. And it is! There are many different types of dotticures, depending on how intricate you want to get. I decided to try out a confetti style dotticure. It’s a nail art that I have wanted to do for a while now and it’s simple enough that anyone can do it.

Dotticure header 1

The very first step when starting your dotticure is doing your base coat. Now those of you that have seen my previous posts see something familiar. Yes I am using the Sally Hansen mint colour again, called Jaded. I fell in love with this nail polish colour when I saw it and I have been trying to use it as much as possible.

Dotticure 1

Once the base coat has dried you can chose the colours you want to use for the confetti dots. I chose to use a dark purple, a coral red, and a silver sparkly nail polish.

Dotticure 2

You will also need your dotting tool for this manicure (it is called a dotticure after all). If you don’t have one no worries, there are many alternatives that you can use which you can find around your house, like a pencil!

Dotticure 3

Once you have all of your nail polishes and tool ready you can begin the nail art. I started with purple colour first, placing the dots throughout the nail. Remember to leave room for the other two colours! Don’t stress too much about the exact placement, just put them wherever you like, you can always fill in any empty spots later.

Dotticure 4.1

Then I added the red. You can see that I did some bigger dots at the end of the nail and as I moved closer to the bed of the nail the dots got smaller, adding a little of variety.

Dotticure 5

Finally I added the silver sparkle. I wanted to leave this colour last as I like using it as a detail.

Dotticure 6


Do the same with the rest of the nails and you are done!

Dotticure 7

I loved doing this nail design, I think it looks cute and fun. Let us know what you think of our dotticure and if you have any suggestions for the next mani monday in the comments below! 🙂