mani monday: autumn floral

autumn floral mani header

Fall isn’t over yet, so celebrate these last few weeks before winter with this autumn inspired floral mani!

Another monday morning is here, which means another mani monday for you girls! Now that we’re in November, we are starting to count down the days until Christmas. But before we get all red, green and white I want to enjoy some last couple of fall posts. So here is a autumn inspired floral mani to brighten up your morning.

I love this nail design, not only because I really like florals but also because fall is my favourite season. So this is a combination of my two favourite things!!

I began by painting four nails a dark chocolate colour and my ring finger white.

autumn floral mani step 1

Next I started the floral design. First I did the branches using the same dark chocolate nail polish and a stripping brush.

autumn floral mani step 2

After the branches have dried you can begin adding the flowers. I used a maroon nail polish and a dotting tool for the petals. Don’t worry about making the dots perfect, I actually made some flowers a little more crooked because I thought it looked cute.

autumn floral mani step 3

I then added some blue flowers using the same technique with the dotting tool and added the centers for the flowers; I did yellow for the maroon flowers and white for the blue ones.

autumn floral mani step 4

I finished it off by adding a matte top coat to the chocolate coloured nails. I really like the matte look, I think it’s so perfect for that fall look.

autumn floral mani final

Once the floral design dries finish it off with a quick drying top coat and you’re done! Hope you liked this week’s autumn floral mani, I know I did!



mani monday: fall manicure

Fall Dotticure Header

Another Monday is here, normally I would be totally depressed with the idea if it wasn’t for the fact that today is also mani monday!!

I noticed this past week that I haven’t done a dotticure in a while. For those of you that don’t know a dotticure is a dotted mani. Super simple to do, as you have seen in the confetti dotticure I did back in August. All you really need is a dotting tool and a couple of different nail polish colours. This time I chose to use a bunch of fall colours to embrace the autumn weather.

So here it goes!

These are the nail polishes and the dotting tools I used to make this design. I love these shades, I think they are so perfect for fall! You will definitely be seeing me using these a lot more!

Fall Dotticure Tools

I started by painting my ring finger white and the rest a dark shade of blue.

Fall Dotticure Step 1


Once the nail polish dried I began painting the dots. I wanted to only do two dotted nails, so I chose the ring finger and the thumb. I started with four dots all together in the center of the nail.

Fall Dotticure Step 2


Then I added the first circle of dots around the middle ones.

Fall Dotticure Step 3

I did this again to create an outer layer of dots in a burgundy colour.

Fall Dotticure Step 4

I left the thumb to dry and I moved on to the ring finger. Here I repeated the same steps but with different colours.

Fall Dotticure Step 5


Once the dots have dried apply your favourite top coat and you are all done!

Fall Dotticure Final

Hope you liked the fall dotticure!



halloween mani

halloween mani header

Start your week off with a spooky Halloween mani!

Can you believe it’s the last week of October already?! I can’t believe Halloween is this Friday. Do you girls have your costumes ready? I know I do, I’m going to be a flapper girl and I convinced James to be a gangster. Actually I didn’t need to do much convincing, he owns a white tux and has been looking for the chance to wear it and he finally found it.

So now that my outfit is all set I am moving on to my nails. Ever since I started doing nail art a couple of months ago I have been preparing for my halloween post. There are so many looks and art that I could do I was having such a hard time deciding. But I think this halloween mani is the perfect combination for any halloween celebration!!

Now be ready party girls, this post is very picture heavy. First start by painting your thumb and ring finger with a white nail polish and the rest of the nails black.

halloween mani step 1


Next we will do the creepy face nail art. Start by painting two black tilted ovals on the middle of the nail.

halloween mani- creepy face step 1

Next paint the nostrils and the mouth. Make sure the mouth extends from one end to the other.

halloween mani- creepy face step 2

Finally add the lines on the smile to finish off the creepy face.

halloween mani- creepy face step 3

Next I will show you how to do the spider web nail design on the thumb. Begin by doing three lines down the thumb.

halloween mani- spider web step 1Next start adding curved lines to connect the diagonal stripes.

halloween mani- spider web step 2

Continue doing this all the way down until you finish connecting the stripes.

halloween mani- spider web step 3

Finally I’m going to show you how to do the spider nail art. This is the easiest of the three designs so if you’re still learning how to do nail art start with this one first! Start by drawing a curved line from the left corner to the middle of the nail.

halloween mani- spider step 1


Next create the body of the spider by adding a big oval right underneath the line we just did.

halloween mani- spider step 2

Finish it off by adding the spider legs and two black eyes.

halloween mani- spider step 3


And there you have it! You are ready to rock your halloween nails! ūüôā

halloween mani finalWhat do you think? Will you be trying any of these nail designs for your halloween celebrations?




pink and stripes mani

Pink and stripes header

Happy monday! As you may have noticed from the header I was feeling like pink this weekend, something that doesn’t happen very often to me. ¬†The whole time I was doing my nails I was thinking about how much Ashley would love this design seeing as they have two of her favorite things: pink and hearts. This mani is easy to do but does require a lot of patience. First you’ll start by painting your base coats, ¬†the pink and the brown (or purple color according to James).


Once your nail polish has dried, and please make sure it is FULLY dried, you can begin to paint the stripes. I decided to do white stripes on the brown nail and used clear tape that I cut into thin stripes.


Once you have gotten a good coat of the white nail polish on begin removing the tape from the nail. Do this right away while the nail polish is still wet to avoid smudging.

Pink and stripes 3 image

You have to wait again until the white stripes are dry before you can add the finishing touch. ¬†You see why I said before you’ll need lots of patience, ¬†there is a lot of waiting for this mani but you don’t want to rush it and ruin the manicure half way through. ¬†Always wait at least half an hour before doing a design with tape.


Apply your heart stencil,  or freehand it with a dotting tool.  Again remove the stencil right away before the nail polish dries.

image image

And that’s it, ¬†a very pink and very cute mani!! Last tip make sure to use new tape for the other hand, I learned the hard way that little lesson and now my right hand stripes look a little more messy because of it.


Let us know what you think below ūüôā

Ps, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for being such a great photographer. I was able to get some good action shots, ¬†dontcha think? ¬†ūüôā

mani monday

Happy monday everyone! Here we are again another monday, another week ahead. I’m going to make this post quick because I know we all have busy days ahead (me included!). This week I wanted to do a flower design, and I have wanted to try doing daisies for a while now. I have to say it was not as easy as I thought. But I tried again and I have to say this is probably one of my favourite nail designs!!

daisy nails header

The first thing I did was paint my base colour. I chose to do a dark purple because I liked how it would look with the yellow center. You can do a lighter shade to make it feel more summery or stick with darker shades for more contrast with the flowers.

Then I began painting the flowers. Now the first time I tried to do this design I made the mistake of using a dotting tool to make the petals. Needless to say it did not work out very well. If you are comfortable and experienced with the dotting tool then give it a try, but I found that using a small stripping brush works better for me.

I started the first daisy from the corner and did two lines moving towards the center of the nail.

daisy nails 1

Then I added more petals around the first two to complete the flower. Then I repeated the same steps on the opposite corner of the nail. As you can see one of the daisies¬†turned out a bit wonky but that’s ok,¬†Flowers aren’t perfect, and you can’t always be redoing your designs over and over again until they are absolutely perfect. You’ll be there forever and you’ll feel super frustrated in the process.

daisy nails 2

Now repeat the same process on the rest of the nails. Add some variety by doing one flower on some nails, two or three on others, and in different parts of the nails.

daisy nails 3.1

Finally I added the yellow center using a dotting tool.

daisy 5

There you have it! I love this design, i think the daisies are super cute for summer. Let us know what you think in the comments below!



feather mani

feather mani

Good morning!

It’s a new day, a new week and a new beginning for us here at party girl. As you may have noticed our website has had a bit of a face-lift!¬† What do you guys think?
We are on the second week of the new look and we are absolutely ecstatic about it. 

To celebrate the new website I have decided to do one of my favourite nail designs, a feather¬†mani!! I absolutely love this look, and it’s so simple to do. For this post I bought some special tools to make things easier, the Kiss Nail Artist : Paint & Stencil Kit. It comes with three colours, black, white and silver. The great thing about this kit is the thin brushes, which are perfect for creating that flawless feather design.

First I started with the base coat, followed by the colour.¬†I’m usually not one to buy expensive nail colours since I normally only used them a handful of times and end up wasting them. But when I went in to the store and saw the mint Sally Hansen colour I decided to splurge!¬†

Feather mani step1

Then I started adding the design. I began at the corner of the nail with the stripes facing out.

feather mani step 2

Then I added two more stripes. I continued the stripes, always starting from the center and brushing out.

feather mani step 4

Once you have filled in your feather you can add some sparkle to it. I love sparkle! I added some stripes here and there. Not too much, just to add some dimension.

feather mani step 5

And that’s it, repeat on all of the nails and you’re done. A feathered nail for your Monday morning! Let us know what you think of the design and the new look on the website!

world cup nails

Hi party girls! Another monday is here, but this one seems way more exciting than the rest. As many of you know, the World Cup is under way! This is one of the biggest and most watched sport tournaments in the world! In honour of this we have designed World Cup nails to support our favourite teams.


Now I’m from Argentina so of course I have painted my nails in the Argentine flag’s colours. However, because we live in a very multi-cultural country, we know that everyone will be cheering for different teams. And although I do think everyone should cheer for Argentina (but I’m biased so don’t listen to me), we encourage you to adapt this design to fit your team’s colours and flag.

The Argentine flag has three colours, blue, white and yellow. I have chosen to make the flag on the thumbs and blue french tips with a white base on the rest of the fingers.

So for example, if your team is Italy you can do the flag¬†on the thumbs and white with green tips on the other fingers. Or maybe green with white tips. Or alternating green and red tips. It’s up to you!

step 1


White is a very tricky colour to paint with as any imperfection shows, so be very careful when doing your base coat.

step 2


I used a small brush to paint the tips, but if you’re not as experience (or you have very shaky hands) then you can use the tape method. All you do is use regular tape, once the nails are dry, and apply it just above the end of your nail. This will leave the tip uncovered and you can paint away without worrying about lines or smudging.

step 3

You can either freehand them or use the tape method again, whatever works best for you. In this case I did the base white and added the blue on the ends. I finished with the yellow sun in the middle by using a medium sized dotting tool.

step 4

That’s what mine looked like after I was done. Now some of you may be thinking, there is absolutely no way I can do this design, and that’s ok. It is hard for people to do their own nails as it is, let alone adding¬†a design on top. That’s why we have done another option for those less experience with nail art.

This a simple a quick way to show your support for your team without spending hours trying to get the design right! In this case we decided to recreate the flag but throughout her whole hand.

option 2


Let us know what you think of the designs and what team you’ll be cheering on during this World Cup!