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Get your front door holiday ready with this easy diy holiday wreath!

I have this obsession with wreaths. I don’t know where it came from, except I probably do because growing up my grandmother always had the most ornate wreaths for every season. I have vivid memories of an Easter wreath that was made up of these pretty little pastel eggs the size of Cadbury Mini Eggs and I LOVED it. To this day. I should ask her where that is. Anyways, back at Easter 2014 I decided to try my hand at wreath making becauseĀ all my neighbours had wreaths and I was jealous. And also they are adorable.

Of course the holidays are the next best occasion for wreath-ery (I suggested a Halloween wreath but Justin said no. Apparently it’s “disgusting” and “inappropriate” to have a wreath made out of plastic bones and fake blood. Weird.) so I was just DYING for November to come around to get my holiday wreath on.

holiday wreath materials needed

This diy is super simple because really all you need is glue and some imagination. You can get your supplies at any craft store, and I’m a big supporter of these branch looking wreaths from Michaels. I think they’re super pretty and they’re like $3! THREE DOLLARS PEOPLE! I also snagged this glittery faux branch + pinecones there too because they were (and I think maybe still are?) having a 50% off sale on their holiday decor. But you can get this stuff at the dollar store too, so do some digging! I picked up the bells at the dollar store because I felt like adding something extra, but you can do whatever you prefer! I toyed with using ornaments but then decided it looked perfect with just the bells and greenery.

holiday wreath greeneryFirst, wrap the end of your greenery around the wreath. You’re going to glue it but it helps to secure the whole thing, and it gives it some visual interest so it doesn’t LOOK like you just glued fake greenery onto a wreath base, you know?

holiday wreath step 1

Once you have the end tucked in, you can start to lay out your design. When I made the Easter wreath it worked to wrap my twigs around it, but I found for this one I liked the way it looked just sort of scattered on top. You can play around with it until you like the look. Using your hot glue gun, add dabs of glue to the thickest part of your greenery and then use the tip of your gun to press the greenery to the wreath and hold it. You can experiment with different gluing techniques, but I found, given the nature of my branch-wreath-base situation, it made sense to glue the greenery rather than the other way around (there was less surface on the base then the greenery after all).

holiday wreath step 2

holiday wreath step 3

Once you have your greenery assembled, you can add any accents you’d like! I used bells because they were so sweet and inexpensive, and I thought they seemed like they had a bit of a longer relevance (compared to ornaments which I can’t really justify keeping out after Christmas, but bells are so cheerful, why can’t I keep them up through cold February days!?). You can use anything though, like woodland animal figurines or ribbon.

holiday wreath step 4Easy right? And really, once you’ve made one there’s no reason why you can’t make a bunch! In my dream house we have a shelf just for wreaths. Justin doesn’t know about that one yet.

holiday wreath final image

holiday wreath table image

Merry holiday crafting!


diy easter wreath


I have always had a little obsession with Easter wreaths. My grandmother has had one for years that looks like the whole thing has been constructed with Cadbury mini eggs. As a kid I would simultaneously wonder why someone would waste such perfectly good chocolate, and also envy those pretty pastel colours that brightened up her door every April. This year, after finding some super cute sparkly foam eggs at Dollarama, I vowed to make my own wreath.

The best part about this wreath (aside from the fact it’s adorable and super fun for spring!) is that it cost about $8 total. Maybe $10 if you don’t already own a glue gun. I thought about buying a foam wreath (like the ones you use if you’re making floral arrangements) and then spent what I’m sure was a frustrating (for my boyfriend) ten minutes in the wreath aisle at Michaels before I stumbled upon this great wreath made out of branches for $3! What a steal!

I’d already found these foam eggs (on tacky branches, those were the first thing to go) and little vines of tiny pastel eggs at the Dollarstore, so I spent about $5 on getting a bunch. I didn’t end up using everything but I stuck the leftovers into flower pots around the apartment so it was worth it!

If you live in Canada then Dollarama is your source for eggs just like mine, but if for some reason you can’t find them you can get foam eggs and paint them yourselves, or make cardboard or wood eggs and hot glue those for the same look!

DIY Easter Wreath


What Do You Need:

– 1 wreath (foam or branches or whatever you’d like, you can get some super inexpensive ones at Michaels, or even the dollar store and just cut off anything tacky)

– decorative eggs

– decorative greenery (mine came with eggs but you don’t need those unless you love it, like me!

– 1 glue gun + glue (obvs)

– strong scissors (for cutting wire if your greenery has wire inside, which it probably will)

** bonus round ** – if you want to add a banner like we did, just use black construction paper and some old kitchen twine with some chalk to create a chalk look like ours!

Step 1


Depending on how you buy it, you might have some unwanted pieces on your greenery and eggs. We just cut off the stuff we didn’t like, such as the big tacky poison ivy-esque leaves and random vines with no eggs (what’s the point!). Use your scissors to get your pieces exactly the way you’d like.

Wrap your greenery around your wreath. I wove it in and out of the branches to secure it rather than use a lot of glue (it can get messy and tacky!) but if you don’t have branches and weaving doesn’t work, try using small dabs of hot glue to secure thicker pieces of greenery. I wrapped mine around the wreath first, then went back and wove each piece through and around to shape it.

Step 2

simple or wild

Do what you feel! I bought two sets of the greenery, one with small white eggs and small pink eggs. I thought about leaving it with just the white because it looked very simple and elegant, but then I decided Easter was for fun colours and just went crazy with the pink too. So it’s up to you! Customize it however šŸ™‚

pink wrap

You can see the pink vines got a little crazy. I snipped off pieces that made it look too crowded, so have thoseĀ good scissors handy!

Step 3

trim eggs

Get that glue gun ready! If your eggs come on branches, like mine did, you’re going to want to trim them. I left a little piece at the bottom (you can see it in the above photo) so I could get extra leverage when I was gluing, but for the larger eggs the piece was too visible so I cut it right off.

hot glue


Try to hot glue your egg rather than the wreath. The wreath as a lot of spaces for glue to trickle down and gravity won’t be your friend when you’re trying to get those eggs on there securely. If you put the glue directly on the egg you get contact exactly where you need it! I did a trial run before I glued and tried the eggs in different places. You can go all out or just add a few eggs. I tried both ways and settled on just a few, but I think another project (next year anyone!?) might be interesting just buying a foam mount and gluing all the eggs to it!

Step 4

making banner

If you like the idea, make a banner! I decided it tied it together, and I love the way chalkboard buntings look so friendly and fun, exactly like Easter! I just cut out little triangles (I didn’t even measure, just freestyled them all, nothing but excitement at the Party Girl!) and taped them onto some twine. I drew the letters on with chalk. You can customize the message all you’d like! I found that some of my letters wanted to flap around and not stay still. The control freak inside me insisted I add a dab of hot glue to the back to weigh the letters down, and they behaved after that!

So that’s that! This whole project was actually super easy, it took maybe half an hour and like I said was crazy affordable, but now my entry looks so festive! Definitely a fun craft to try out this week and wow your fam this weekend!

Happy Easter Party Girls!

final wreath