superbowl header

This year was the first year in a long time we were actually in the country for Super Bowl and we were excited about the idea of having a party! In Canada the Super Bowl isn’t as huge with every single person but for sports fans its still a big deal. We invited a few friends over to watch the game on our big screen and of course I decided why not make it extra special with some easy DIY party decorations?

I didn’t have a lot of time so I decided to take advantage of football fever down south and found some great printables for the banner here. The blog had a lot of other great options but we had some non-football friends over too so I decided to keep it more general and skip the team specific decorations. I managed to collect some different options for the food toppers.


I also found these great DIY wing baskets which were hugely popular! I printed out the football field layout and glued it to card stock to make the baskets a little more sturdy and lined them with parchment paper so they wouldn’t get too dirty!


For the table centrepiece/tablecloth I found a green gardening mat at the dollar store (in the garden section obviously) that kind of looked like turps. I used white ribbon to draw the yard lines and sidelines, and used a white out pen to draw the numbers. It was really easy actually and probably took me about ten minutes, but it really tied the food table together!

The bar was one of my favourite parts because it looked so cute but was also really masculine which made the guys not question it so much.


We are very fortunate that we get to take advantage of all the creative bloggers out there who share free printable ideas for parties. If you want to host a party and you’re looking for some DIY decor always look around your favourite event blogs for some printables! Often I find they can be the most memorable part of your get togethers and they cost next to nothing!